RIP Tammy Faye Messner


Tammy Faye lost her battle with cancer. It was a battle that she fought with much courage and grace, and she inspired many to keep up the fight and live-that legacy of hers will always live on. She was a mother, a singer, a wife, and an evangelist. She was a symbol to many about facing and making it through bad times. She was forthcoming about her battles with addiction and unfaithful husbands-and we loved her all the more for her lack of hypocrisy. I am probably the last person you would think that would ever write one word about Tammy Faye…guess again.

Tammy Faye spoke at The Masquerade here in Atlanta, GA when Jay Bakker was launching his ministry. I guess he figured the tattooed and pierced need a little GOD now and again, and his mom came to help him out.

The woman played to the crowd and spoke with everyone there. She was real in the last place anyone would have ever expected her to be-the Devil’s Den aka The Masquerade. -She told this really gruesome story about what used to happen when you killed someone-no shit, I almost dropped my camera as she told it. It went something like this-in the old days when you killed someone, they chained the corpse to you. You carried it everywhere as it decomposed. You ate with it, bathed with it, and took it everywhere until it finally weighed you down and killed you. -Imagine, if you will, this little red headed woman in a pink leather suit reading this shit from her gucci notebook on the same stage that Danzig and Dimmu Borgir played on talking about dragging around dead bodies. It seemed pretty fucking appropriate. And funny. -She also spoke about tattooing a cross on famous local artist Phil Colvin…rock on Tammy Faye. You could be tattooing people in the afterlife!

My heart goes out to Jay Bakker and his wife. Jay is quite literally an icon in Atlanta and on his was to becoming one in NYC. Jay is a true gentleman, and he likes Social Distortion. He has just as many tattoos and piercings as the rest of you motherfuckers. I know Jay. Lots of people know Jay, and he is well loved and respected. -There are no words to comfort someone on the loss of a parent, I just bet it hurts like hell and I am sorry baby.


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