Rival: State of Mind


Rival is: Chuck McNulty-Guitar. Nevan Trivic-Guitar. Gary Olson-Drums. John Johnson-Bass & Vocals.

Rival is on Metal Blade. I love the fact that Metal Blade gave a band that formed in 1991 a break by releasing its FIRST full length CD in 2004. -Chicago based Rival released its first CD Modern World in 2001, and a German reviewer downloaded a MP3 of Death Stalker off of the CD. The Germans were hot for Rival, and the ball got rolling. Rival played Headbangers Open Air and the Bang Your Head Festival. Metal Blade signed them in late 2003, and State of Mind came out in March 2004. Dreams come true don’t they? -Rival is old school metal. Think OVERKILL. Think OMEN. Think QUEENSRYCHE. Straight forward, blistering guitar playing. Lyrics that are sang-but straight forward and slamming. -Like Dokken said when he played The Masquerade, I like the eighties when people sang. Singing is good for your soul. I like the blistering guitar riffs of Chuck McNulty and Neven Trivic-there is always a place for a great riff in music. I like Gary Olson’s double bass drums. John Johnson has a brilliant metal voice that reminds me of the one and only Bobby Blitz-and it pisses me off that the Germans discovered Rival first. Get this-Johnson sings like Blitz and plays bass like D.D. Verni. Those fucking Germans know their music don’t they? I would love to see Rival be as big in this country as fucking Slipknot, and I think eventually this type of metal will find a place in the big concerts. No computers, no synthesizers-just skill. Lots of skill. -Look at OZZFEST this year. Judas Priest is back with a vengeance. Black Sabbath reunited and there are talks about a new album. Queensryche is back out on the road. Tesla is back out on the road. Megadeth is putting out a new CD. Old School metal is making a comeback, and I want it to be brilliant. There is a place for Rival on the scene. -I fucking LOVE the State of Mind CD. It is WAY too short, running about thirty five minutes. There isn’t a track that sucks. It is EXTREMELY radio friendly and could easily fit into any pop station format without pissing off anybody’s mommy or daddy. -My favorite tracks were Extreme Agression, Remember, and Hell Train. I love the driving guitars and the metal voice boarding on the brink of fucking thrash but not quite. -What can I say, State of Mind is brilliant and I hope to hear more from them. Pick up Rival’s CD-you will fucking love it. The power of MusicIncider compels you. -By the way, it gets a TEN out of a possible TEN OH FUCK YEAH’s!


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