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Barbara Fara
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Rockets To Ruin: Cleve-Vocals. Mike-Guitar. Chris-Bass. Rob-Drums.

Come closer. That’s it, closer. I have Atlanta’s best kept secret to tell you about. That secret is Rockets To Ruin. Imagine, if you will, that all of the bastard love children of Motley Crue and Aerosmith got together to form a band-blending all of the elements of sex, raunch, rock, and destruction together. Then visualize Rachel Bolan producing their first CD—and you will know Rockets To Ruin before you even think about flipping to their myspace page to listen.

They are live. They OOZE sex, drugs, and rock and roll onstage. I love that on every level, because like everybody else-I love all three of those things. Anybody seeing them for the first time can connect easily on those levels. It isn’t precious, intellectual stuff like Malmsteen or Vai. It is sweet porno rock and roll like Buckcherry, Kiss, Aerosmith, and Motley Crue. -Let’s start with Cleve the SINGER. He is a Libra, and as you must know, all Libras are simply beautiful people. He is a good looking man. He is going to be a perfect frontman. Onstage, I can see him evolving into an entertainer on the level of David Lee Roth. Just wait until he cuts loose. I know its going to happen. The voice is there. He has a set of pipes. I can appreciate a singer, as much as I love extreme vocals, a singer that can sing is beautiful. His pipes are a fucked up blend of Steven Tyler, Johnny Cash, and Madonna. I like his voice a hell of a lot better than Vince Neil’s. Hear that Vince? Cleve could kick your ass. –Then we have Mike the GUITAR PLAYER. You can actually tell he is a fucking Scorpio by the way that he plays guitar. Intense and HUGE. METAL. Truly, a guitar in this mans hands is the devil’s instrument. You can tell he was hatched in Atlanta, because he is such a fine guitar player. Atlanta guitar players lay grove, boogie, the blues, and country into their riffs. They aren’t concerned with how fucking technical they sound. They know that the average person only gives a fuck if they sound good. Oh, and by the way, he can fucking sing. He can sing his balls off. –Then we have Chris the BASS PLAYER. A good bass player is a thing of beauty, oh, and this is also a beautiful man. Very Newsted-like in his style. He comes off more like Nikki Sixx onstage rather than Mick Mars. Still, hot as fuck. This one is going to cut loose onstage as soon as Cleve does. I have a feeling that everyone was being nice because the band was opening for Skid Row. But what the fuck do I know. –Then we have Rob THE DRUMMER. Another Libra. Another beautiful man. He has that controlled Jason Bonham style. Watching him play -it is almost like waiting to be struck by lightning. Exciting and dangerous.

The whole package is hot. Rockets To Ruin could easily open for Buckcherry, Supernova, Saliva, Nickleback, Kiss, Aerosmith, or Tom Petty. You have to see them live to get the big picture. Fucking go see them already.

The CD is called Love*Drugs*Rebellion. Every track slams, but especially kicks ass songs are We Are The Drugs, Take A Ride With Me, and Devil Girl.


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