Rockstar: Supernova Week 1


Week 1 – Part One

Supernova, the perfect assortment of influential musicians, has begun their search for the ideal individual to front an amazingly fresh and new sound. Burgeoning to success in heavy metal history each in their own right, Supernova consists of three amazingly talented individuals from the heavy metal genre. All three of these are my personal favorites and are therefore mentioned in alphabetical order. First, Gilby Clarke – guitarist from Guns N’ Roses. Second, Tommy Lee – drummer from Mötley Crüe. Third, Jason Newsted – bassist from Metallica (Godamn, Jason Newsted can’t even get his name in bold on page one of Supernova’s Description. It pains me so to see this! Bold his name, damnit!). To quote Gilby Clarke, “Supernova is not a heavy metal band. We have heavy metal roots, but there’s a lot of versatility in our band.” Supernova will bring their polished experience and friendship to the spotlight and homes across the world with a passionate feel from their heavy metal roots and add contemporary elements that are both popular and innovative.

Simply defined, Supernova (n) is the explosion of an existing star. Additionally, splitting the word apart you have both super and nova. Of course we all should understand or have a feel of what super means. But, nova, on the other hand is not known by many. Nova, in the dictionaries is essentially the same as supernova. However, delving back into my latin classes of High School, I recall that nova also means that something is new or strange. In other words, this band is something that is new, fresh, and appealing on a level that will shadow other bands. Fuck yeah.

Sexy, the first time we get to see the great trio they’re playing together and recording a track for the Supernova CD. The first test that the Rockers get is to present themselves by stepping up and dishing out some vocals for the track over at Pulse Studio. The 15 Rockers have to come up with lyrics for the track and present them to the trio and the other Rockers. An amazing test of comfort, ability to create lyrics and vocalize these lyrics to the rhythm, and of personality. The trio want to see how well you can do under stress and this is the perfect test. Why is it perfect? Many of the Rockers may have calm nerves in front of an audience. But, how do you calm your nerves to perform in front of these amazing individuals and those of your peers? After some time, not presented on tv, Chris Pierson grabs his balls first and walks into the recording area to set an amazing standard that the others will have to compare themselves against. Honestly, he sounds similar to James Hetfield, but with a twist of course. I believe Jason Newsted definitely appreciated the sound. Later, Gill Joy busts out some incredible vocals. Then, holy shit, … Zayra Alvarez takes the attention. I have to agree with Gilby by saying “what the fuck?” Personally, her vocals were off and washed out under the instruments. Her movements behind the mic also bugged me out. Just… what the fuck.

Butch Walker has time to get acquainted with Toby Rand and the fact that he has an Aussie background. Unfortunately we do not get to hear his performance. Jason Newsted makes an excellent point, this isn’t necessary a contest to kill each other, but to ultimately find the best match for the band. If you don’t have it, you just don’t have it. It doesn’t mean you’re not skilled; you’re just not what the band is looking for. As Jason Newsted states, “Go in and let’s see what you got.” We’re just here to have fun. Magni drops in with “Some of the Best Songs Were Written 10 Minutes Ago.” It definitely shows a great sense of humor. Magni’s performance could not be aired due to the fact that he used “Fuck” in his lyrics. Fuck it, play it anyways. Josh Logan sounded powerful in the studio area as did Storm Large. Phil also set a different standard by, as Butch Walker puts it, “mumbled and hummed like a badass.” When all were done, Ryan decides that he wants to “separate myself a little bit.” However, I believe this is a very harsh move for him to pull. It is not a great first impression to make.

Week 1 – Part Two

Gorgeous fuckin’ pad. We get to understand each of the Rockers a little more and their personalities together. Everything is friendly at first. Lukas is already trying to set himself a part and just drops a fuckin’ bomb, “I came here to win.” What the fuck, hostility already? Alright, I can see that. But, if I was in that situation, I wouldn’t be there to win. I would be there because I am the member of Supernova. You have to have the right mentality. So far, no one has displayed that. It seems like a fuckin’ game to everyone. The drama kicks up one step further when looking for rooms. Of course, straight to the liquor. Godamn, can people not live without this shit? Ryan gets fucked quick by being too passive. Those beds look impossibly small and uncomfortable. Sucks for them.

Week 1 – Part Three

Here we go, Toby finds the song lists first and informs the other Rockers. I respect the fact that he just didn’t gank what he wanted. Storm did a very respectable act for Jenny. Jenny was very appreciative of it, too. Chris fucks himself with Roxanne by stepping outside of his box, as he stated. Ouch. Ryan chooses a little too slow paced song for his vocals and especially after setting himself apart.

Week 1 – Performances

Godamn, poor boy killed himself with this selection. His vocals were awesome during the first trial; however this song selection just killed him. He didn’t really kill Roxanne – you just couldn’t feel anything from it. This shows just how important selection is.

Holy shit, I’d tear this girl up sideways. The young lady is absolutely gorgeous – by far the most attractive on the show – and has some powerful vocals. (I hope this girl has personality with looks.) My only compaint is that she didn’t introduce some harshness to the initial high points in her vocals. It would have made for a more powerful and passionate performance. When she does finally hit it, it’s beyond awesome. Great vocals, girl! Just hit those scratchy highs more to boost the emotion. Now, what’s your phone number?

Godamn I love Nirvana, don’t fuck this shit up. Eh, she’s fucking it up. Not much variance in vocals at first. Aww shit, her voice is completely washed out with the instruments and doesn’t feel very passionate. Sounds about the same all the way through, just a little louder. Her eyes are bugging me out. What the fuck is this shit with her running out flapping her arms like a chicken?
… Umm… no. Just fuckin’… no.

Hmm… Comes in a little weak at first. Godamn, not much feel in the lryics when the rythm kicks in. Still feels like the beginning of the song. Nope, I can’t feel shit. Common, godamnit, I have a subwoofer on this shit – I want to FEEL the fuckin’ music and lyrics. She hits one high point good, that’s about it. Her vocals are almost washed out.

What the fuck is this twirling shit… Oooh, nice vocals. Superb variation! Godamn, great scratchy highs, I fuckin’ love it! Mmm… I love the voice screeching at the highs. You know they’re pushing it when that happens. Holding great vocals while dancing with the house band. That shows great character. Only one point that I think was too much and that’s towards the end. Godamnit, another fucking twirl. I taught my dog to twirl for treats when it was younger. Now it does it all the time and it pisses me off. Grr.

A nice soft song. He’s perfect for this song as he’s mentioned in his inteviews. The variation from the beginning to when the song picks up is great. Smoothly harmonious. You can tell he’s enjoying himself. Great scratchy highs in his vocals. Love the high later in the song “the Lord calls her by her name.” Awesome. The ending is also fairly smooth. I dig it.

Sounds a little washed out at first. He picks it up a little more. Great fuckin’ scratchy vocals. At times it seems a little too much and a little bit off. Some parts of his performance are washed out – no bueno. Yeah, scratchy vocals seem way to strained and almost sound painful.

These fuckin’ advertisements are pissing me off. Changing through performances I’m getting more godamn commercial time than I would watching tv! Shit.

Vocals come in clear. Aww shit, tryin’ to get the audience in. Kudo points. Fuck yes, great variation and scratchy highs! Gets the house band involved, too! Again, trying to get the audience involved – great for concerts. Flirts with the other Rockers, too. Haha, doesn’t look like the fab trio got into it, though. Great performance, wtf.

FUCK, more advertisements, … Someone get me a handgun. I need some Dr. Pepper, … brb.

Boy comes out feelin’ great, smooth lyrics. His voice gets fucked over, he can’t reach over the chorus. Ouch. Yeah, over time, the performance degrades. He has a hard time getting smooth lyrics over the instruments.

Patrice comes out strong. Haha, great way to get the house band involved – kinky. Overall, not too bad, but not too good. Hmm…

First vocals come out sounding fucked up. A little odd way to reach highs. His vocals vary back-and-forth between being washed out and clear. Annoying. His twitching movements are distracting, too. Moving around the stage in his manner
are also annoying.

Fool’s got a lot ridin’ on his shoulders. Let’s see what happens. Ahh… shit, a slow song as a first performance… Hmm… not too bad so far. Great variation for the passion. His vocals get washed out occasionally. Well, shit, not the greatest performance to have done especially after hiding away.

Eh, … I don’t know what to think so far. She’s attractive, great vocals. But, this song isn’t doin’ it for me. Her highs are strong, but I can’t feel anything
out of them. Eh, no. Sorry, didn’t really feel much out of that.

Nice scratchy intro. A calm, contemplative siloette sitting on a stool bustin’ out a great harmony. Nice scratchy high. But, I’m not feelin’ the overall harmony in the song. The nice long-drawn high while sittin’ was very awesome. Best part of the performance. Overall, I didn’t really feel anything out of it except that one part.

Her costume is a fuckin’ joke. I don’t feel much emotion behind her vocals. Hmm… Her voice is getting washed out. Shoulder shaking and shit seems immature to me. Nah, I don’t feel her voice for this song. Feels hollow.


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