Rockstar: Supernova Week 3


Week 3 – Recap

Jill, Zayra, and Chris drop to the bottom this week. Jill’s performance was very bizarre, Zayra’s was just skitzo, and Chris has a hard time with his song selection again. Chris’ song selections just didn’t do his voice justice from what we heard back at Pulse Studios. I’m afraid to watch Zayra anymore; her performances are frightening me and may induce traumatic nightmares. Chris shot himself in the foot with a weak song selection in the bottom 3 that hinders his vocals. The Fab Three aren’t impressed with him so far and tell’em to head home.

Week 3 – Part 1

The Rockers head back home to the mansion to lick their wounds and discuss the recent events. The drama unfolds in a similar fashion to part one of week one. Everyone is calm and open with each other. Then it happens, like a fly drawn to shit, Lukas drops the bomb – the hostile and condescending opinion in regard to the bottom three. I can understand Lukas’ opinion and honestly I’m with him. But, I don’t think that was the place to say it. Wait a minute, fuck it. When is the right place and time to state it? Lukas has balls, sees what he sees, and calls it that way. Drop that shit, boy, drop it! Nerves are shattered and emotions rattled with the Rockers.

Liz Louise, a highly esteemed vocal trainer, has come to visit the Rockers. Once gain, some nerves are shaken, but progress is made. Liz Louise uses her amazing skill to assist many of the Rockers to improve themselves. This also goes to show how human the Rockers are. They have their faults and have the ability to improve.

Week 3 – Part 2

Josh finds the songs that are up and has an internal conflict with himself in regard to running off with a song. One of the Fab Trio is going to play with one of the Rockers in a predetermined song. Whoever chooses that song will jam with one of the Fab Trio. Fuck yes. Toby tries to keep the situation under control and in order by creating a list and attempts to keep the situation civil. Josh dicks the situation over by creating a hostile atmosphere. Lukas is a fuckin’ trip about bein’ laid back. Josh’s choice lingers in everyones mind and repeats with Patrice. Women are hilarious to watch in subtle conflicting situations. I couldn’t stop laughing over them two. Shit made me hit rewind, play, rewind, play. They just need to kick eachother’s ass and get it over with. Even the attempted mediation is hilarious. Like I said, Lukas is a trip. Calm and smooth about any selection and then bitches about it. That’s Lukas for ya.

Week 3 – Part 3

It’s rehearsal time with the House Band at the Rehearsal Studio – Week 3 style. Patrice is weighing too much on the song selection situation. Wah. Let shit roll off. Next up is Zayra and this woman is a fuckin’ riot. You can just see the shit talk on their House Band’s face. Her movements completely frighten me and I would avoid any confrontation with her if I could. Honestly, Lukas has something good going for him. His song transformation doesn’t seem horrible, unlike others before him. Being a Musician is often about creativity and experimentation. Why not?

Week 3 – Performances

Now what we’ve been waiting for.

Um… No online video? … bitches.

Holy what the fuck?! This is an old favorite of mine and she completely missed a line in this song. Her interpretation of how the lyrics should be played is not very appealing and at some points comical. I liked her outfit, though.

I’m not appreciating the introduction for this song. Too fuckin’ weak. Nope, this was a horrid song choice. This is a fuckin’ rock band, common now! Either rock that shit or get a better song. I know you can do better, Jenny!

This is a much better outfit for this week, girl. She looks exceptionally gorgeous with a youthful glow. Jill managers to tear up the lyrics with some astounding vocals – get it, girl! However, after thinking about it, she seems to do that too much at times. Hitting the gritty highs is great, but it seems like she hits it too hard at times.

Do I REALLY have to watch a fucking commercial each time I view a video?!

Oh hell yes, more Nirvana. Not too bad so far. Nice smooth lyrics for an awesome song, but nothin’ rockin’.

Lukas comes in guns blazing and you can hear him trying not to restrict his throat at points. However, it’s hard to break habits in a short period of time. He would sound terrific if it wasn’t for that flaw.

I don’t know how he does it, but Magni manages to grab you from the first line of the song. He has absolute comfort on stage. However, this song doesn’t seem to get rocked as hard as it could be.

For as much shit as this woman went through to get this song, she really didn’t put out too much in this song. I didn’t feel any rock out of it period. Next.

This fuckin’ pigeon is gettin’ down to the Element SC is the shit.

Sexy, Jason hops on stage with Phil. Much better, man! So far he’s holding his notes better and sounds a LOT better from him. He does an excellent job sharing attention with Jason. HAHAHA, Jason Newsted almost trucks the motherfucker over with the shoulder. That’s great. Yup, Phil, your sound definitely improved with the steady vocals – learn from it!

I love CCR. Ryan starts off gettin’ the crowd movin’ and busts into gritty vocals. Despite being able to work the stage good, the Fab Trio just don’t seem impressed.

Her outfit is a much better choice this week. She looks hot this performance, too. She has absolutely no problem with her vocals to my ears except for one point with a blunder. But, she needs to learn how to rock the stage better. She’s still a little unusual performing on stage – she seems somewhat stiff and her motions seem nervously based.

The pigeon is back – I want to see it take a shit on the Element.

This is one of my favorite fuckin’ songs of all times. Toby so far has no problem rockin’ songs, let’s see what happens. Soft and sincere so far, … Hahaha, the host is falling asleep. Rock it, godamnit, raise the house. Well, shit, he doesn’t pick it up when he should. Sigh. Well, here we go, he starts hitting the highs later on, but the performance is over. You gotta get our attention with a quickness or else we fall asleep.

Well fuck me sideways, I actually ENJOYED this performance by Zayra! Damnit, girl! An absolutely wonderful performance. I could feel the song when she reached the highs – that’s what I’m lookin’ for. I think this is the feel Zayra should look for in her profession. But, yeah, Supernova-wise, it wasn’t rockin’.

Actually, I want to see the Element tac up the engine, dump the clutch, and run the mother fucker over.

Oh, for animal activists, I love animals and would never wish this upon a real pigeon. I’m a smartass with a comedic view of a lot of shit. So, if you took me seriously about that statement then I’m gunna get that pigeon to shit on you.


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