Rockstar: Supernova Week 4


Note to Self: Talk shit about costumes.

Anyone notice this elementary school girl party shit that these Rockers are having? I have seen some of the gheyest costumes EVER on this shit. I honestly don’t fuckin’ understand how a wedding dress conveys “next generation heavy metal.”

Week 4 – Recap

Jenny, Dana, and Josh drop to the bottom this week. I can understand why they dropped to the bottom, except for Dana. I wasn’t able to see her performance. But, her elimination performance was sexy. Jason loved her highs in the vocals almost as much as me. Signature Dana, hit the best high towards the end of the performance. Oh, shit, she TEARS it up at the end. Back to the other two: the performances by both Jenny and Josh were not something I would not expect to audition to a heavy metal band with. They chose songs that are very slow and calm. Not much rockage to them. Especially compared to the other Rocker’s performances. Once again, I was actually impressed with Zayra’s performance last week.

Josh is apparently in love with the Nirvana songs. I can’t blame him. However, unlike last week, he fuckin’ rocks this one. With this performance we’re able to see a more rockin’ side to Josh’s vocal ability. Unfortunately, Jenny isn’t able to rock it out with the other two and is sent home. She’ll find her music niche and rock it out.

I believe Ryan dicked himself with such a harsh opinion. Personally, Dana doesn’t sound like Pop music to me.

Week 4 – Part 1

This week’s clinic should be very engaging for our Rockers and display more of their personalities with the audience. I can’t wait to see the drama! Haha, yup, the drama starts off immediately with the team selection.

We watch team one first and notice them busting out lyrics with a quickness. Everything seems as it may go smoothly.

Group two seem a little more open, loose, and not rushed with their creativity.

Next, we skip over to team three. Jill hops onto the creativity stream but receives immediate flak from Magni. I respect Magni that he has true band experience, however, let the girl express herself. This is the only flaw that I have seen with Magni. Magni, you can easily put on the headphones, man.

Hahaha, here’s Lukas, drama machine. Can’t stay in one place for too long. Fuckin’ annoying.

Ok, Dana busts out some notes and I don’t hear anything pop. Jill’s emotions have been shot with Magni’s statements and now she’s mirroring his hostility and attempting to shed it from herself by placing it onto another – Dana. Amazing how one person’s actions can trigger such a domino affect. Magni, man, there are better ways to criticize and express yourself. You came off way to strong and non-sympathetic. If I was Jill, I would’ve bolt, too.

This shit’s giving me a headache, where’s my Advil?

Week 4 – Part 2

Despite needing two Advil, I enjoyed hearing the performances from Group One and Group Three. Group Two was just fuckin’ wierd.

Ok, with all these fucking commercials, it’s time for me to make one!

Week 4 – Part 3

*YAWN* More fuckin’ drama. Ryan is a manipulative little fucker. They’re more civil about it this time. Godamnit, I want them to rip each other apart for songs. Fuckers.

Week 4 – Performances

Have you ever noticed the audience when some of the Rockers are playing and they have this look on their face. It almost says, Jesus Christ, get the fuck off the stage. Yeah, I noticed that, too.

I’m in love. Damn, fuckin’ hot. Her vocals are nice and gritty with the occasional sexy long draw. Someone tell me what it’s called, I have no clue. When women do that shit it drives me nuts!

Alright, a song dedication, I feel so fucking warm and tingly inside! She’s not doing very well for this song. HAHAHA, she sung something different than the house guitarist. Fuckin’ blatant, too. I did not like that performance. Trash can material.

Jill gets Gilby this week. Let’s see what happens. She sexes up the stage with Gilby, but the vocals are lacking. I didn’t hear much other than screaming. I know Gilby’s likin’ those tits rubbin’ on him. Godamn, those things look like they’re about to jump out!

Oh Christ. Josh with this song? I sense disaster. Yup. Washed out vocals and not much variation. Even Newsted agrees. Fuck, even some chick in the audience agrees. Newsted is WTFing.

Nope. I’m not feelin’ it. Lukas is really straining his instrument in this performance. He starts off good, but then as he picks up the pace you can hear it and it almost sounds painful. Dude, listen to the Fab Three and Liz – you don’t wanna kill your career. You can hear just what you’re doing really well when you repeat “I can change.”

Disappointing for Magni. sigh.

Crowd warmup. Hmm… For what? Ok, what’s with the costume? Either you’re cold or you’re hot, make up your fucking mind. Fur jacket or skimpy top – make your choice. All I can do is just stare at the screen. Hmm… Tommy’s bored, too. I’m not alone, thank God.

I looove this song. A good test for Phil and his vocals. But, I think the song is kicking his ass. He can’t reach over the instruments when needed. Well, damn, later in the song when he pairs up with the house guitarist he’s able to pick the vocals up.

Video won’t load for me at the moment, I’ll update this soon.

Video won’t load for me at the moment, I’ll update this soon.

What in the fuck is with this trippy light show. All these bitches in the audience are watchin’ Toby like he’s a piece of meat. HAHAHA, one bitch gives him an invitation for head. The bitch next to her looks like she’s on x or some shit.

I’m a bit scared when I hit play for Zayra. HOLY JESUS. What in the fuck is this costume! Some skimpy astronaught madame?! Bwahahaha, there she goes, fuckin’ skitzo on stage. I just don’t get it. It’s like bees are swarming her or some shit. If she’s like this on stage, I wonder what she’s like in bed… Hmm… HAHAHAHA, you see the Fab Trio’s faces?!


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