Rockstar: Supernova Week 5


Week 5 – Recap

I really think that there’s not much to recap for Week 5. Patrice, Zayra, and Phil appear in the bottom three for one simple reason: They’re not Supernova material. Plain and fuckin’ simple. They’re not going to drop Zayra because they already know that you know she is fuckin’ nuts and will not make it. Ever played pool with som eone who really knows how to play and just fucks with you? They won’t make their shots, just get their balls close to the pockets. Then, just when you think you have a chance, they run the fuckin’ table and drop 5 balls in a row like it’s nothing. That’s all Zayra is, she’s a ball next to the pocket waiting to get dropped. They’re just fucking with you and dropping the others that need to go before they drop her. Sure, Patrice’s performance is a lot better this week, but you should’ve started that way. You can’t perform with bullshit and then come out with something better and expect to change minds. People already have an opinion made. You’re fucked – to be nice about it. Zayra’s shit, just, … no. Her accent isn’t what’s needed for Supernova. I just want to skip through her performance, it’s fuckin’ bland and boring. SKIP. Godamn Verizon Wireless phone, I don’t give a shit. Show me Phil. Ok, first lines from Phil and my mind is made. Drop all three.

Oh, but wait, now Phil starts screaming. Nah, drop it. Skipping.

Godamnit, now I have telemarketers calling me on my phone. Jesus, this commercial shit just doesn’t end! These fuckers won’t even leave a message on my answering machine. My mind is made, next time a telemarketer calls, I’m going to sell THEM a product. Bwahahaha.

Lee, Navarro, and Clarke all chime in with words of wisdom that I’ve been feelin’ the whole time. A lot of the Rockers come off as feelin’ like they’re in this for some county fair contest. You have to feel this shit, you have to feel Supernova. I believe that most of these Rockers don’t have that. Most of them are here to win a contest. This shit isn’t a contest. It’s an interview. You have to come to this shit with your BEST fucking portfolio and they’re not showin’ anything that’s worth it. I have to agree with Clarke, as he put it, “the grinding thing” just isn’t worth it, seems sleezy, and does come off as “predictable, it’s cheap, and it’s weak.” As I’ve been telling Barbara, Navarro hits the nail on the head: “It’s about the presentation and the intensity on stage.” Sure, you can have the vocals for one or two songs, but if you come off as a fuckin’ horny monkey on stage, you aren’t going to have it! Noone in the Fab Trio wants this shit, especially when they’re going to be touring LIVE across the nation.

Ok, that was my bullshit splurt this week. Godamn, imagine if I was in a bad mood writing about this. Hmm… actually, it might be pretty fuckin’ smexy. Yes, I said smexy.

Week 5 – Part 1

Hmm… I’m feelin’ like a fuckin’ Cherry Coke right now. But, I have to go out and get it. Schweet, let’s go haul ass around town real fast. I’ll be back soon.

Ok, I’m back. Alright, the drama heats up immediately. I disagree with Storm, Patrice did not perform better than herself. Patrice just hasn’t brought anything to us that screams Supernova. She’s shown ability, but just not Supernova. Zayra understands that she doesn’t meet Supernova expectations. She’ll be gone soon. But her agreeing to that, you already know that her confidence and mindset isn’t there. But, then she tosses out: “I’m just so greatful for getting another chance.” This is what, the fourth time we’ve heard this shit? Yeah, she knows she shouldn’t be there.

Now, we go to the all-boys huddle up and hear them whine and bitch like little pussies. I’m not a sexiest pig and fully appreciate women as equals to men. But, this bullshit battle of the sexes is just childish. This isn’t about guys vs. girls, this is about you. Personally, I believe this situation with the attacks against the women is just a piss-poor personal reflection at their own inadequacies and the attempt to shift blame from themselves. Also, it’s fairly predictable that Josh, Toby, Ryan, and Lukas are the individuals talking shit. I respect Magni, he keeps his quiet because and looks around at these fools like their being little school-ground boys. Haha, watch Magni, he’s all like, WTF and trying not to draw attention because he feels differently. That’s great.

Damn, the next scene is amazing for Magni. It brought the chills to me. I’m not a father, but this shit brings amazing respect for Magni from me.

Oh hell yeah, Newsted also makes a great point. “You throw your phone number out to that chick.” See the image below.

Newsted drops some amazing advice and stage philosophy for the Rockers. I definitely disagree with Zayra’s outfit. I don’t have to say anything else about that. Storm is very beautiful, but she doesn’t appear comfortable on stage to me. Therefore, I disagree with what Newsted claimed. She seems very stiff and nervous; even more so when she does move around stage. Ryan seems fairly well on stage, does well with interacting with the other band members, however he looses his voice easily with the microphone but moving it too far or too close at times while hopping around.

Week 5 – Part 2

HAHAHAH, I KNEW Jill had hit Gilby with the stand, I wasn’t sure of it until now. That’s fuckin’ hilarious! Oh damn, during Jill’s session, Newsted made a great comment. “Knowing when to get out of the way.” May I reintroduce Phil during Week 3 with Newsted himself:

Phil get’s fuckin’ trucked by Newsted, you can even hear it in Phil’s vocals. Turning back to Jill, as Newsted mentions, she takes the criticism too personally. You can’t do that. Especially not in a professional career. LOL, everyone’s like STFU.

Lukas’ idea to bring the songs outside, to me, was a great idea. Not only does it change the setting, it helps remove some tension. Especially by bringing the songs into a warm and relaxing environment and being outdoors. Well, amazingly, noone was ripped to shreds this song selection session. But, afterwards was a different story for Patrice. Just like Jill, Patrice is taking this song selection and playing with Tommy Lee waaay to personally and building up too much unnecessary tension within herself. These people just don’t get it.

Week 5 – Part 3

Now we rock oer to the Rehearsal Studio. OUCH, Josh is already fucking up. By claiming he’s not just a rock singer, but also a soul singer. I highly doubt soul is what Supernova wants. However, he does come to a comfortable understanding that if his style is what they want then Supernova isn’t for him. I can respect that judgement. He knows what he wants and if it’s not for him, he’s fine with it. Zayra is already being washed out by the instruments. Ok, take the part where she plays the guitar and play it over and over. If you aren’t in tears laughing, then… shit, I dunno.Yet again, the House Band tries to give her advice, but she doesn’t listen. I wonder what she would do with Supernova. Hmm…

Week 5 – Performances

Mmm hmm! She comes in strong with the throaty grit that she should. Great outfit as well. By far her best performance. Great warming of the stage and inclusion of the House Band member. However, she needs to do a little more than that. Kick it up another notch.

Now this, kids, is the fucking STANDARD of great performance. Dilana, girl, completely amazing performance tonight – I am impressed.

I don’t know what to think just yet. I didn’t get any good vibes from the song and it looks like noone else is, either. She doesn’t seem to be showing off the band to well, just interested in the spotlight on her. Her vocals seem repetitive with the screaming and it sounds the same each and every time.

Well, well, well – I enjoyed this performance by Josh. It was warm and positive, had a great vibe to it. Only one minor slip-up at the beginning.

He’s still just not taking the advice he’s been given and straining his voice. This could be bad when on the road. He better change that shit or I would say “bye-bye.”

Damnit, another song that doesn’t showcase Magni well.

HOLY FUCK – WHAT IS UP WITH THAT HAIR?! Um… Great focus on Tommy, however, what about the other band members? The House Band may not be Newsted and Gilby, but her inclusion would be genuine if she included the others. The rolling on the ground shit was overboard, too. Tommy lit the stage, but what about Patrice? Nah.

Wow. Powerful fuckin’ spotlight on Ryan’s vocals. Amazing hold towards the end of the performance. You

Yikes! The beginning sucks ass! Once it picks up, it’s a little better. Ouch.+

I love Nirvana, as I’m sure you know. Let’s see what Toby has for us. Good vocals, but performance hasn’t changed much for Toby. Also, jumping into the crowd can be dangerous for a performer. I don’t think that was a very good idea.

Rocker or Super Hero? You decide. Still fuckin’ crazy. Gettin’ tired of this shit.


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