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Barbara Fara
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Saliva: Josey Scott-vocals. Wayne Swinny-guitars. Dave Novotny-bass. Paul Crosby-Drums. Jonothan Montoya-guitar.

I saw Saliva at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA…and let me start with the obvious. Somebody has the magnificent Josey Scott sporting Lucas Rossi’s ridiculous fucking hairdo. The first time I saw it on Rossi, I thought it made him look like a skunk. Fuck, I still think it makes Rossi look like a skunk. I don’t think Rossi sings like Jeff Buckley, not even a little bit-he lacks the soul…and he doesn’t have the power to make me believe like Freddie Mercury, not even a little bit. So I don’t think Josey wearing his hair like that as a measure of support for Lucas Rossi, otherwise known as the Hooters Fry Cook. -So I have developed a few theories about the hair. Theory One: A well meaning publicist thought it played well on the worlds stupidest show-Rockstar Supernova, and thought it may sell a few extra records. Theory Two: Josey Scott has that Freddie Mercury showmanship quality about him and knows it. He read Rossi’s reviews and wanted to make a public statement without opening his mouth. The flaw in this theory is this-I don’t think Josey would be all that afraid of opening his mouth. He does not strike me as being easily controlled. Theory Three: This is the most probable theory. Josey lost a bet. Fuck if I know what the bet was, and I really don’t give a good god damn. Welch on the bet you bastard. When I look at Novotny, the bass player, I suspect the bet was with him. That fucker has your hair Josey. Turn around-look at him.

Now, my next big issue is this. Who is fucking dressing the man from Memphis, Mr. Josey Scott, these days? I think Opus Dei is behind it. According to the Da Vinci code, Opus Dei is behind everything these days that has a strange conservative thing happening. Being Catholic and psychic, hardcore Catholics scare the fuck out of me. I am all for S&M between consenting adults, but why would you do it to yourself? Freedom of religion is a beautiful thing, but your religion shouldn’t fuck with my band. -Josey, I think they are trying to turn you into old Elvis man. Remember, young Elvis was cool and sexy. Jumpsuit Elvis could sing his balls off, but his jumpsuit was just sparkly. Josey, do you want to be sexy Elvis or jumpsuit Elvis? I think this is an easy choice, don’t you? It is a far better thing to be a sexy man than a jumpsuit man, and I LOVE Elvis so keep your hateful little emails to yourself, lol. Jumpsuit Elvis also made a lot of money, but Josey Scott was never meant to be a Jumpsuit boy. -Josey Scott is the hand up Mona Lisa’s dress and the smile on every criminal you’ll ever acquit. Josey’s voice is sex and power. That voice is the voice of Memphis, Tennesee. Saliva’s music is blues tinged metal and once you get a piece of a live show, there is nothing like it.

For example, when the band cut loose with Black Sheep, off of the new CD, the Tabernacle went fucking nuts. Nobody knew the words, but the crowd remembered the sound and how much it kicked ass. Everybody caught on to I AM THE BLACK SHEEP OF THE FAMILY right away. Most metal people are the black sheep of the family-and if you don’t get us we don’t care. We just really cared that Saliva cared. -Saliva is the sort of band that earns its respect onstage, one motherfucking stage at a time. That SHOULD be the way bands earn fans. Too many bands put out slick, hyper produced songs that sound great on the radio or MTV2, but when you go see them live you have to buy extra liquor to get over the fact you blew forty-five bucks on a ticket because they don’t sound like you thought they would-at all. It is true, a bad band can sell just as much liquor in a venue as a good band.

Metal fans are Rollers Baby.

I am so not bitching about the CD or the show. I love Saliva and the motherfucking Southern Rebel sound and attitude they bring to every song. -Ladies and Gentlemen kicks off the CD and smacks the listener into submission. It makes a shitload of demands, and the power of Josey compels you to listen to every one. -Broken Sunday is a search for spirituality and love. This led me to think of Opus Dei and the fucking tie. We all search for god and love on some level. I wonder, does Josey need a life coach? -Never Gonna Change is a great pissed off at your girlfriend song. The lyrics are almost country. Carrie Underwood and Josey could do this one as a duet. If Carrie isn’t available, call Gretchen Wilson. -King of The Stereo is more like classic Saliva to me. It is just too damn hot, with those driving bass lines and thundering drums. Josey sells this one really well live, for about five minutes I believed Josey Scott was the king of the stereo and gave Danzig a break. -Once More Chance is the never give up song. It is very positive and upbeat, believe it or not. It is a weird fucking twist and oddly Van Halen like. David Lee Roth Van Halen like. Metal actually has a place for happy. Not everything has to be gore grinding, exploding corpses with suicidal deaths. -Going Down is the depression song that every truly great metal album must have. Ozzy had Suicide Solution. Saliva has Going Down. -Twister. God, I loved that fucking movie. I have always wanted to go storm chasing and take pictures. That is exactly what I love about this song. It is like chasing a F5 and suddenly being caught in the middle. I especially like the guitars on this. -Black Sheep is such a fucking hot song. It shows off the bands rebel roots, and connects with all of the bad kids in every family every where. I wonder WHY it was so fucking popular in Atlanta, hmm. -Starting Over is quite possibly a country crossover. More spirituality. More I am going to pull my shit together stuff. We all make those promises to ourselves on some level…still, a kickass song that makes a very radio friendly statement. -Here With You flips into the great metal love song that would make KISS almighty proud. I am a fan of a kick ass ballad masked in a huge song. Saliva does it differently than the whiny ballad it could be, and I like that.

I like Saliva so much that I brought the fucking CD and a tee shirt, and I get about ten cd’s in the mail every day. ALWAYS go see Saliva live, it is even better than owning the CD Jack.


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