Satyricon: Volcano


Satyricon is: Frost-Drums. Satyr-Vocals, Strings, Electronics.

I picked up this album-on purpose-to review the day after I saw Tammy Faye Baker at The Masquerade in Atlanta. Black metal is VERY MUCH like life. The Dimmu Borgir show was a fucking spiritual experience for me, and so was Volcano. We all have a different idea on where to find the gods now don’t we? So let’s talk about one of mine. –Volcano is the first black metal album released on major label. The second was Cradle of Filth’s Damnation and a Day. Volcano was released on Columbia’s eat UR music/Red Ink label. Historical facts are massively important-and it might be a fucking Trivial Pursuit question one day so pay attention. I know Tammy Faye would. –Yes, the songs are long-but if that pisses you off realize that these are EPICS. Would you ask Homer to cut the Odyssey in half? Should the Godfather be shorter? Fuck no. The word is epic. Heroic. Feel yourself jumping into the utter depths of the volcano as the heavy drums and bass blast into your face. Taste the fucking sweat and feel the heat burn your skin with the scorching vocals of Satyr. The guitar playing is outrageous and massive. I wonder if Satyr did all the guitar playing himself. The electronics add to the depths of the pit-Sascha from KMFDM would be proud. The grinding, rumbling beats of Frost are like earthquakes. They cymbals are like very tiny breaks in the storm. They are a couple of badass demons to take you on your way to hell and the entrance is the mouth of the Volcano.

With Ravenous Hunger- The mouth of the volcano is calling for you. It is hot and hungry and sexual too. Then there is the snake-inside of you. Satyr built that pain just for you-very sexual. Very poetic. Very Morrison. Ride the snake, to the lake.

Angstridden-Who died? Was it tomorrow, hope, or your Aunt Tilly? Does it really matter? To be born is to die, because we breathe inside of a rotting corpse and all the world is a graveyard. You are a graveyard.

Fuel For Hatred-This one is my favorite track. This is some real live marching music. I have a list of people that I wish I was the violence inflicted upon. I have people I hate to a level of intoxication. I have people that I wish slow death by grinding, and I loved the references to the Angel of Death and the Stormtroopers. I could relate to this one the most. The cd also includes an extremly fucked up and cool video of this song.

Suffering The Tyrants-The Lion of Atlanta is a memorial in Oakland Cemetary to the unknown Confederate dead. He is lying on a stone impaled on a Union Jack with his mouth open. Pretty gruesome huh? I just couldn’t get that image out of my mind while I listened to that song.

Possessed-Very book of Revelations. See now I think Tammy Faye would approve of this one because it IS asking for the light (cough). It is asking for the might of The Lord of the Flies to bring about the rebirth of the world because the creator God took off like a deadbeat dad and left us.

Repined Bastard Nation-Then this one asks for the Angel of Light. Everything contains its opposite now doesn’t us. One song offers us pain, and one song offers up a plan for redemption. The first page of the liner notes say Torment and Glory-the cd is a complete package and story.

Mental Mercury-This song has a weird nod to animal rights in it. “This is why we embrace the animals; they represent the innocence that man doesn’t have.” Dark poetry at its finest with a shot of light. You can’t know one without the other.

Black Lava-The Volcano erupts and the Slaves of Nazareth can’t be fed. Change is coming and it will be deadly. ‘Hellbound me-on a throne of gold.’ -There is only salvation in the darkness and the curtain of death falls upon the alleged light of the world. -Black Lava is a look at what was and a look at the world to come.

Satyricon is an antidote to the eyes of Tammy Faye. Sin. Fornicate. Embrace the fiery Volcano. Just do not go to jail. Jail is bad. -Satyricon’s sound is like Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth on the Highway To Hell with KMFDM. The cd reached down my throat and grabbed the back of my spine. It made my toes shake. I loved it. Yes, I think you should DEFINITELY fucking buy it. So, I will give it ten fuck yeah’s.


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