Scissor Sisters At The 99X Upstart Fest


The Scissor Sisters are: Ana Matronic-Vocals. Del Marquis-Guitar. Patrick Seacor-Drums. Jake Shears-Vocals. Babydaddy-Guitar, Keys.

This was THE BEST act at the 99X Upstart Fest 2. They should have been the headliners. I loved the Killers. I loved Franz Ferdinand-but I always thought the best was supposed to go last in a showcase situation. -Here is the deal. Pop music is starting to sound the fucking same these days. Everybody is ripping off everybody else and if you listen to ten different pop groups in a row you will feel like you are overdosing on Xanax. To quote Tom Petty, ‘Nothing has been original in Rock music since 1974. Everything has been done.’ For the most part, Tom is right. As lovers of music, we can only hope that if a band chooses to put out music, they choose to do it well. -The Scissor Sisters are out fuckingrageous. I love this New York crew and they are going to make Universal a shitload of money. Jake Shears on vocals is like a bastard child of Elton John and Bono-yeah, he’s got that seventies pop and huge attitude going-but he also has this tremendous amount of POWER. Yes, I think he IS something to write home to mother about. Ana Matronic is like this old school smoky torch singer. Think Etta James on crack. She has a great voice and a great stage presence-but she reminds me of the house mother at a strip joint. The woman rocks and has this naughty edge to her that isn’t too sexual. -Del Marquis on guitars was fucking cool, so was Babydaddy. These two switch off between lead and bass. You never see that out of anyone-but these guys switch up and switch off. I have never seen Steve Vai pick up a bass, but I saw Del Marquis do it. Skilled musicians-you have to love it so very fucking much. Patrick Seacor on drums was outrageous. I do not believe I have ever seen disco drumming. -Ask me if I knew who the keyboard player was? I don’t. I am not sure it even mattered to me after the first three songs. Scissor Sisters are enchanting, and the crowd at The Masquerade Music Park was in a trance. The Scissor Sisters are rock like the New York Dolls, pop like Elton John, and skilled musicians like Vai. -The lyrics are deep, but stamped with the band’s style. Look at the fucked up version of Comfortably Numb. Look at Laura. There is extreme diversity in those lyrics, and there is oil in them there hills. We haven’t seen a sensation like Scissor Sisters in a long time. Mark my words-they are here to take over and you may find yourself liking polyester again.


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