Sing A Song With Six Strings


You might ask yourself what the hell I am doing with this. It is a little CD for guitar players and their kids-or is it? -Country music has tremendous appeal with the songs that they point toward children, but up until know nobody has done one for children with the exception of such monsters as Raffi and Barney. So it is groundbreaking. -Maybe we can raise some kids who love something other than than rap. -A lot of you have children. A lot of you nice metal heads would probably like a guitar player in the family, but little ears need to hear guitars in order to love guitars-so I am selfish. I want even more guitarists in the world. -It is historical, the artists on the CD range from Kyle Cook to Chet Atkins. It is a weird little history of the guitar and its influence on music over the years. -It is lacking in artists I would like to see. Where is Ricky Byrd? Where is George Lynch? Where is Steve Vai? Where is Joe Satriani? Where is Yngwie Malmsteen? Where is Johnny A? Robert Fripp? The list is too huge to mention, so if this thing is successful look for a series. The intent behind the CD was to show the softer side of guitar heroes and how they relate to their children and family…no Eddie Van Halen? -I like this little CD, and if you have kids it is worth it. Give it a try.

1. Always This Near – Kyle Cook: This one is written for Kyle’s daughter. You may remember Kyle From Matchbox Twenty. We hear Kyle’s vocals for the first time on this.
2. Mia Rose – Peter Frampton: This one is written for Peter’s daughter. He used to record himself reading to her and burned a copy of this song on every CD he sent to her when he was on the road.
3. Elijah – Marc Ford : Touching. You could put your kid to sleep with it like it was a lullaby after you play him a little Ronnie James Dio..this guy was a Black Crow and now he is in a band called The Sinners.
4. Grandma’s Hands – Keb’ Mo’ : More gentle stuff-not too bad, I would recommend it for the under eight crowd along with a good healthy dose of Black Sabbath. By The Way, you may know Keb’ Mo’ from Jackson Browne.
5. Up From The Skies – Vernon Reid: Hearing Vernon Reid do a Jimi Hendrix tune kicks ass-worth the price of a CD. His band, Living Color, should have ruled the world.
6. Sing A Song Of Sixpence – Slash. I finally like this song. I ALWAYS fucking hated it until I heard it done in the key of rock. I personally have been enjoying Slash on Kid Notorious on the Comedy Channel.
7. All Mama’s Children – Carl Perkins: Everybody loves a classic, this one was recorded in 1956. Maybe it inspired Elvis? Don’t Step on my blue suede shoes.
8. Let The Children Play – Santana. Santana is one of the most metaphysical guitar players going. He once mentioned in an interview that the archangel Metatron has guided him throughout his career and was the reason for all of his good fortune. Did Metatron see this CD before it was ever made?
9. Mary Had A Little Lamb – Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble: Stevie Ray Vaughn is my favorite guitar player. Listening to him pluck one string would have made me happy. Taught by B.B. King and touched by God. -This rendition was arranged by Buddy Guy.
10. You And My Old Guitar – Jorma Kaukonen: Jefferson Airplane. Hot Tuna. Newly Emerging Country Artist. Three decades worth of work-interested yet?
11. The Colors (Are Always Changing) – Craig Ross: Have you asked yourself who the hell Craig Ross is yet? He is the guitar player from Lenny Kravitz.
12. Once Upon A Tribe – Dean Deleo: Stone Temple Pilots. I love this fucking guy.His brother, Robert DeLeo was the bass player in STP.
13. Smokey Mountain Lullaby – Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel: “Do it again on the next verse, and people think you meant it.” -Chet Atkins. They mean it on this little country song. They really do.


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