Six Feet Under: Bringer of The Blood


Six Feet Under: Chris Barnes-Vocals. Terry Butler-Bass. Steve Swanson-Guitar. Greg Gall-Drums.

Psychedelic death metal with a STRONG political message-that is the best way to think about Bringer of The Blood. -Barnes IS the Jim Morrison of this genre. He has the strong political message. He writes with no holds barred. His lyrics are honest and poetic. For a death metal vocalist, he is as sexy as shit. He is very psychic, and he is very open to the world and what is around him. He deserves respect as a person AND a musician. Cannibal Corpse suffocated him until he created Six Feet Under. -Six Feet Under is a full circle that works together as a brotherhood. Six Feet Under is a GIANT in the metal community and deserves repect for being so fucking innovative and groundbreaking. -Steve Swanson plays guitar with body, soul, and POWER. He is a little Dimebag Darrell, and he is a little Hendrix-but mostly he is all Swanson. *Note to the critics, most death metal acts USE repetitive guitar riffs to enhance vocals, much in the same way that rappers have hooks. Idiots. Go ahead and tell fucking Snoop Dogg he says Doggystyle too much-I dare you. * Terry Butler plays a bass for all fucking genres, but his bass lines are responsible for the psychedelic feel that the music of Six Feet Under has. -Greg Gall, of course, brings the thunder and ties it together with Barnes vocals to make the whole thing death metal. -Let’s look at the tracks.

Sick In The Head-Everybody can get pushed too fucking far, and sometimes suicide can be a reaction and a way to survive. SFU isn’t saying it is the healthy thing to do-the song is titled Sick In The Head, but think about it. The wolf is at the motherfucking door, and the wolf wants to fucking eat. Do you take yourself out before the wolf gets to do it for you? I like the reference about Kurt Cobain and the 12 gauge.

Amerika The Brutal-This is probably my MOST FAVORITE SFU track. I agree Barnes, no more blood for oil. If somebody has to die to protect my country, I want a good fucking reason for it. -Look around, I’ll bet you fucking know somebody that has been or is going to Iraq. Ask yourself-what the fuck is that person risking their life for? -To me, this song does what music is supposed to do. It is a fucking social commentary and a reflection on the times in which we live. Effectively, this is death metals answer to the protest songs of the 1960’s, and it is probably one of the most important songs ever put out by a death metal band. The genre grows up with this song and becomes a something more than movie horror fantasy.

My Hatred-This song is about more than fantasy killing-go fucking deeper. Like every track SFU puts out, there is the level that appeals to the cult of death metal. In this case, rape and murder-but that is face value. Go fucking deeper, this killer in this song rapes and murders because he feels as though his soul has been raped and murdered by Christianity and the only thing that moves is fucking body is hatred.

Murdered In The Basement-This is a special song that I would like to dedicate to a special person who told me to go back to my snake pit and die, you know who you are. I got a special place for you. -This song is a real sing-a-long as far as death metal music goes. I agree Barnes, their world makes me sick. It is a far better thing to sing about it than it is to do twenty five to life, but I do have a basement. Maybe I should start a PR firm there.

When Skin Turns Blue-Everybody fucking wonders about what happens when you die. Well, you’ll know your dead when your skin turns blue. This fucking song glamorizes nothing about death. -All those pretty fucking goth songs try to make death a pretty thing and it is not. When you are dead, you rot and your life is over.

Bringer Of The Blood-This is the title track, and I think it is the closest thing to a love song that Barnes has ever wrote. It could be a love song to a witch, a gypsy, or his fans-it doesn’t matter. The one thing that every living animal has in common is blood, and they all bleed. Me personally? I love a good fucking hippie love song!

Ugly-Crawl into the mind of a serial killer. We are all fucking fascinated with serial killers in this society. We want to know what makes them fucking tick. We want to examine them like bugs under a microscope and see what happens when we hold up a magnifying glass and the smoke starts to roll. By the way, I like the way Barnes hits the high notes on this one.

Braindead-This one deals with an actual psychiatric condition that some serial killers have-they actually do think that they are fucking dead and living on the other side. Since they think that they are dead, they hunt humans. -That guy in Massachusetts that went postal during Christmas a few years ago thought he was dead and read a fucking book during his trial.

Blind And Gagged-I like to think of this as a freedom song. Patrick Henry said ‘Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death.’ -Blind And Gagged says the same thing. It is better to die than to be a blind and gagged victim living in sombody else’s idea of what life should be. -This song actually made me think of the women in Afganistan under the Taliban. That part of the war I understood. Women were stoned to death and shot for working and bare ankles and they were starving to death in their homes. The women of Afganistan needed to be liberated, more than Iraq needed to be liberated for its oil.

Claustrophobic-I like this song a lot too. -The hero in this song doesn’t feel comfortable in his own skin and wants the fuck out-but notice he does not take his own life. Yeah, life can be a shithole, and this is as probably clost to death as we will ever get-but he does not take his own life. -The end of the song makes me think of Chuck Schuldiner from Death waiting on fans in their dreams.

Escape From The Grave-Why is death metal important? It is the only genre of music that faces the shit that scares us the most, and the only way to conquer a fear is to face it head on and look at it. -This song really lets you know that there is no real escape from the grave once you are there, and if somebody tried to get you out this is what it might look like.

Track 13 is the German Version of Bringer of Blood. -Then we have my favorite, the videos. We have DVD footage of SFU in the studio, a documentary, and a photo gallery (I think my shots need to be in a Six Feet Under photo gallery). The whole thing is introduced by Barnes, so to quote Petty-let’s get to the point and roll another joint-it is more than worth the price. -I play Bringer of the Blood. I play it a whole fucking lot. Six Feet Under is constantly breaking new ground in this genre, and it is the one death metal band that I can always count on to be different from everybody else. I respect the hell out of Six Feet Under, because it would be really fucking easy for the band to sit back and follow the same old fucking formulas, make a shitload of money and feed their fans the same song over and over again. -In music, we have to respect the groundbreakers and the innovators. That is what we have with Bringer Of Blood-groundbreaking and innovative. Go get it, you won’t be sorry.


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