Six Feet Under: Graveyard Classics 2


Six Feet Under: Chris Barnes-Vocals. Terry Butler-Bass. Steve Swanson-Guitar. Greg Gall-Drums.

This is a cover album of AC/DC’s Back In Black. This is probably the most misunderstood CD of 2004. -Oh, I have heard the motherfucking howls and read the fucking brainless reviews calling this cd all sorts of fucked up names. I have an answer for all of you-you don’t know a fucking thing about music and you would not know an innovative piece of art if it walked up to you and bit you on the motherfucking ass and introduced itself. -I remember the howls of agony when Manson covered Sweet Dreams by Annie Lenox and did it in his own style. Now you hear the fucking Manson version before you hear anything else that Lenox ever did. -I am seeing a repeat of that with this cd. Barnes owns it period. It is AC/DC done Six Feet Under style-if Barnes had used a different fucking voice to do the CD in, somebody would have fucking howled about that one too. -It is extremely innovative and honest for a death metal band to cover AC/DC. Ask yourself-where did death metal come from? What defined it? What bands influenced its creation? Yeah, AD/DC motherfucker. – Nobody howled and fucking moaned when Aerosmith redid all of those blues covers on Honkin on Bobo. Steven Tyler did not try to sound like an old blues singer, he sounded like Steven Tyler. -Why in the fuck would Chris Barnes try to sound like Brian Johnson? There is only one Brian Johnson, and there is only one Chris Barnes. Chris Barnes is the forefather of death metal, and it would have been a fucking sell out tragedy for him not to growl melodically on such instant Six Feet Under Classics as Back In Black and Hells Bells. -While Pablo Picasso was alive, very few people thought of him as a talented artist. He was a misunderstood genius, but now that the motherfucker is dead everybody sure as fuck wished they owned one. So there you have it, I think Barnes has a misunderstood stroke of genius with this. -The general public thought early death metal was horrible shit and either ridiculed it or ignored it and failed to see it for the art that it was, and the genre grew in spite of everything. The genre grew, and now there are LEGIONS of DEATH METAL BANDS. So the question is this, how does a forefather of the death metal movement continue to help a genre to grow? He takes chances. He pushes the boundaries of his art. -Graveyard Classics 2 is not meant to move the asses of the motherfucking masses. It was never meant to show how well Terry, Steve, and Greg could play AC/DC songs. It was meant to push the boundaries of death metal and show people where it could go and where it came from. Anybody with a brain knows that death metal musicians have to be flawless in their playing or the shit sticks out like a sore thumb-so who really expected Terry. Greg, and Steve to fuck it up? Who REALLY EXPECTED BARNES TO SOUND LIKE BRIAN JOHNSON? Nobody, fucking nobody. -Instead, a bunch of undereducated assholes poke fun at what they don’t understand. Go ahead, make fun of Danzig for Black Aria. I dare you. -So here is my opinion of Chris Barnes vocals on Graveyard Classics 2. They are flawless and he is perfection on it. Listen to it twice, but listen with an open mind. -AC/DC was an innovative, groundbreaking band and I honestly believe Bon Scott would have fucking LOVED Graveyard Classics 2 and had a Drink On Barnes. -This is the CD for you if you are into sommething different and groundbreaking. If you are looking for the same old shit, there is plenty of it to go around and around. -Me? I have my fucking copy locked up because it is a collectible. It is metal. It is beyond fucking excellent, and it is different. What the fuck is there to bitch about? -This time around, nobody is bitching about Manson doing a cover of Personal Jesus. Next time around, nobody will bitch about Six Feet Under. -Graveyard Classics 2 is out of this mother fucking world.

Taken from The Official Six Feet Under Website:

Chris Barnes
Statement about Dime

Life is too short my friends …life is too short.i was lucky enough to meet Dime a few years back when i was in Dallas for a tattoo convention and getting some work done on a tattoo that Paul Booth was working on.anyway me and Paul and some friends decided to go see Kid Rock who was playing in town. during the show Dime came out on stage and joined the band-it was awesome. after the show Paul asked if id come back stage with him and Paul asked me if i would show Darrell the tattoo work he was doing on me.and i was like was i nervous as hell when i went back there -but you know what Dime was cool as hell to me and complimented me on the tattoo, it was just a real cool experience getting to meet him. i was always a big Pantera fan, and when i heard the news last Wednesday night, all i could think of how lucky i was to meet Darrell and how back in 1994 when i was on my last US tour with Cannibal Corpse , we were playing a show in LA, chillin on the bus, it was about 2hrs before the show, we were all just sittin around playin video games and such. so rob walks in the bus with a couple of guys, one was in the opening band and one was a friend of the guy in the opening band. anyway to make a long story short, the guy from the opening band shook my hand and then started talking about his friend that was standing next to him facing me,and how he was just released form prison and how they came there to kill me because of the lyrics i was writing at the time, butchered at birth, and tomb mainly-saying that i should be killed for singing about killing babies..and at that point his friend lifted his shirt and took out a 9 mm from the front of his waistband. he remained silent while the other guy kept saying they were going to kill me for writing lyrics like that. just at that moment my tour manager at the time,Doug Goodman came on the bus and saw the situation. Doug has a real positive attitude and personality and luckily somehow in like a split second, he talked to these guys and got them off the bus guarding me at the same time. it was so fucked up and i wouldn’t have played the show that night if it weren’t for Doug Goodman , Mike Faley from Metal Blade and about 15 other people, and fans from the club surrounding me as they escorted me into the club for the show. im tellin you-i have always known ever since that day that it is possible that one of us could be easily be killed doing what we do.but dwelling on that does no good at all,you really cant protect yourself too much from fate or whatever.but i know what we can ALL do. we can celebrate each of our lives everyday by doing the things we enjoy like going to shows and embracing music with all our heart and not being afraid. because that’s what its all about. doing all we can while we are here and have a good fucking time doin it-thats what ive been doin and what i plan on doing for a long fuckin time, because life is too short my friends-rip fuckin rule!


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