Six Feet Under IN HELL


Six Feet Under: Chris Barnes-Vocals. Terry Butler-Bass. Steve Swanson-Guitar. Greg Gall-Drums.

Six Feet Under is the most important band in death metal music today period. Every thing you see and hear borrows from Six Feet Under in some way. Every growl, every guitar lick, every idea. -I can hear you little fucking monsters say what about Cannibal Corpse? What about motherfucking Cannibal? They deal only with fantasy. Dealing ONLY with fantasy shows a lack of fucking maturity when you have been in charge of the scene as long as Barnes. Barnes and company are the true innovators right now leading the charge into a type of death metal music that also pays attention to the world around us as well as where we have been musically. -So I guess I can see where the band’s frustration came in when the mighty Six Feet Under played in Hell at The Masquerade. But there were some upshots about it, the setting was fucking intimate. I am willing to bet that the SFU diehards had never been that close to the band. The SFU diehards waited for an hour for the band to go on and screamed Six Feet the whole fucking time. The SFU diehards showed their appreciation and love when the band finally took the stage too. -For the first time, I heard only requests for SFU songs. It was like this massive fucking love fest between the band and the crowd. Barnes, of course, was on his fucking game and brilliant. I just felt like he didn’t have enough space to do his fucking thing. I do think that more singers are going to cite Barnes as a vocal influence-and if they don’t they are lying. -Swanson was technically brilliant-as always-he did the job of three guitar players and didn’t skip a beat. Look out Devil Vai-here comes Swanson. -Butler, the mighty Terry Butler, is always mind blowing. I love that mean, jazzy fucking bass. -Gall is a monster on drums, naturally. Just once I would like to see him stand up so I could get a decent fucking picture. GREG? Can you hear me? How are we going to get you on the cover of modern drummer without a good picture? -I was really impressed by the number of people there that knew the lyrics to AMERIKA THE BRUTAL. That really made a statement to me about the fucking world that we live in and how important Six Feet Under is especially now. -My Hatred was dedicated as a love song by Barnes to those who don’t keep their fucking word. -The point is this: Six Feet Under is important and you must go see them. If you don’t, you will be sorry because you will miss history made-every show.


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