Slaughter in Atlanta
Hi Fi Buys Amphitheatre
8/13/03 Atlanta, GA

Slaughter is: Mark Slaughter–Vocals,Guitars. Dana Strum – Bass. Blas Elias—Drums. Jeff Blando—Guitars.
You have to hand it to Mark Slaughter. This man played to eight hundred people like they were eighty thousand-and that is the way it should be done in my opinion. This man can still belt out Up All Night like it was yesterday-and I fucking believe it coming out of his mouth. Mark Slaughter has an incredible fucking vocal range, and I think he has been overlooked more than just a fucking little bit. Mark Slaughter can hit so many fucking notes that he could have been a fucking opera singer-and how about Fly To The Angels? Pure classic metal. Slaughter was another band, just like Warrant, that got caught at the tail end of the eighties when the Seattle scene was hitting it big with Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, and Rage Against the Machine. If Slaughter would have hit just five years earlier, they would have been like Bon Jovi-very fucking big. If Mark Slaughter hadn’t been diagnosed with that nodule on his vocal chord back in 1992-who knows what could have happened? -In 1998, founding member Tim Kelly, died in a car accident…more fucking tragedy. Kelly’s last work is on Eternal Live, which was released in 1998. But Slaughter picked up Jeff Blando in 1999, and let me tell you…he picked right up and made that lead guitar spot his own on Back To Reality (1999)-and on August 13th 2003, Jeff Blando reminded me of Ritchie Sambora-in a pre Heather Locklear sort of way. You know, back when Ritchie just played guitar and we didn’t care about who he was fucking. –Dana Strum on bass. My first question to him would be this: Is Strum your real last name? If so, were you born playing a bass or a guitar? Then, I would tell him I think he is all healed up from that little dirt bike accident he had back in 1992. –That must have really fucking sucked for Dana. He and CC DeVille probably would have some shit to talk about. He looked like he was having a good time on stage that night. –Blas Elias on drums is a pretty classic hard rock drummer. You just have to love him in a Simon Kirk sort of way.
Slaughter has been through some massive amounts of horrible shit-but they have NEVER stopped and NEVER slowed down. How many hard rock/metal bands would have the balls to do a cover of Elton John’s Saturday Night’s All Right For Fightin’? Not too many, would be my guess. Slaughter rocks the fucking house, and trust me, you DO want to see them live when they come to a town near you-it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to pick up their new box set coming out this year either.
1990 Stick It Live
1992 The Wild Life
1995 Fear No Evil
1997 Revolution
1998 Eternal Live
1999 Back to Reality
1999 Back to Reality [Japan Bonus Track]
2003 The Wild Life [Bonus Tracks]
2003 Stick It to Ya [Bonus Tracks]
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