Slaves On Dope


Slaves On Dope at the Masquerade
Atlanta, GA 8/21/03

Slaves On Dope are: KEVIN JARDINE: Guitar. ROB: Drums. FRANK SALVAGGIO: Bass. JASON ROCKMAN: Vocals.
From: Canada.

Slaves On Dope hit the stage to about ten people-that must have really fucking sucked for them because they were the headliner. –Did you know that the band DOES NOT drink or smoke? Did you know that they are fucking HUGE in Canada? -I didn’t. I have to admit that I didn’t know a fucking thing about them until I saw them live at the Masquerade. –When I closed my eyes, their sound was fucking perfect. When I opened my eyes, Kevin Jardine-the guitar player, was watching the Ozzy video playing without sound on the big screen. Jason Rockman-vocals, was just plain pissed off, and Frank Salvaggio was trying to make the best of a bad situation and interact with a very fucking small crowd. It has to be like a kick in the fucking head to play at an empty room in the Masquerade-so I can totally understand what was going on with the stage show. You guys showed a bunch of fucking class and went on anyway-don’t give up on Atlanta. The ten kids lined up in front of you didn’t know a fucking thing about you, and I am wondering if you caught the two kids who knew the words to every fucking one of your songs. Remember-those kids have friends, and next time you come through town more people will show up. All legends start small in this town.
Slaves On Dope is a name that will throw you off when the band is totally clean-not a bad idea for role models huh? The sound of Slaves On Dope-think Led Zepplin, Metallica, and Stone Temple Pilots. It is pretty fucking tight. Jason Rockman’s vocals remind me of Scott Weiland, who I LOVE. He has a lot of potential there; you just want to give the guy a fucking hug man. Kevin Jardine on guitar was great-he handled the guitar riffs like an old pro, but when I watched him onstage he made me want to turn my head and watch the fucking Ozzy video because it seemed like he was more into Ozzy than the set-and I have that same fucking Ozzy video at home! Frank Salvaggio is a brilliant bass player. His bass lines are like a fucked up heartbeat-beautiful and strong. He made EVERY fucking effort to get the crowd into the show. -Rob, the drummer, likes Harley’s. I found this out from the website. When I watched Rob onstage, he was drumming because he loves drumming. He was in to what he was doing and had enough sense not to look out into the crowd too much.
I like the sound that Slaves On Dope puts out. I think the song lyrics are more about the struggle to stay clean and sober than anything else. I think people are fucked up when they think this band is all about dope-there is not enough press out there that explains the message that these guys are trying to put across to the metal community. Think about it-if you are on dope, you are a fucking slave.
I would like to see Slaves On Dope play for some more people and see if the stage show changes. The music ability is there-no fucking doubt about it. So hell yeah, catch ‘em live. They rock. Rockman doesn’t have cookie monster vocals-he is really a talented singer. I want to know what the rest of you mother fuckers think about them.

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