Spineshank at the Masquerade
Atlanta, GA 8/15/03

Spineshank is: Robert Garcia-Bass. Mike Sarkisyan-Guitars. Tommy Decker-Drums. Jonny Santos-Vocals.

Who the fuck is Spineshank you ask? Let’s start with what Spineshank isn’t. They are not a barbershop choir from California serenading people at the local nursing home. Spineshank is not a four piece jazz ensemble, or an R&B band. Spineshank is a metal/rock hybrid band that will invade your mind and make you into one of the inmates running the asylum-and that will make you one happy motherfucker. Jonny Santos can GROWL with the best of the nu-metal boys. I was really impressed with his live performance of VIOLENT MOOD SWINGS-he MUST have sisters or a girlfriend with HUGE fucking bouts of PMS. Yes, I am saying it here-Violent Mood Swings lets the women know that Spineshank understands us. Who ever said screaming fucking metal was just for the boys? You heard it here first; Spineshank is a sensitive band. They are just sensitive guys screaming at the tops of their lungs. –But here is the catch, Jonny Santos can bring it down a few notches and SING too. Jonny singing Forgotten reminded me of Kurt Cobain-a little, just not enough to piss me off and make me think Santos was trying to rip off Cobain. Just enough to let me hear that the man has a voice-and it was just enough to make me look forward to a metal ballad out of Spineshank one day. –Santos can JUMP and work the fucking crowd too. I was impressed with the high level energy that came across to the hundreds of rabid Spineshank fans at the Masquerade in Atlanta. If I have said it once, I have said it one hundred times-once Atlanta loves you, it loves you and you will never be forgotten. –Mike Sarkisyan on guitar was amazing. I was impressed by the fact that this motherfucker has a two feet vertical jump while he is playing his guitar. Really, how do you do that? How do you jump two feet straight up in the air and play your guitar at the same time? -Robert Garcia on bass did the same fucking thing. FYI-a bass is HEAVIER than a guitar. Robert must work out. Once again, there was an incredible live performance out of Robert. Bass players with personality and stage presence are rare. –Tommy Decker on the drums is a wild little fucker. He kept the Spineshank sound tight and together while the inmates were running the asylum-Especially when people were going fucking nuts over Cyanide 2600.
Spineshank has enough love and respect for it’s fans NOT to put out an album or go on tour until it has some brilliant shit to offer up to the masses. For those of you who were bitching about the wait between Spineshank cd’s that night, I have a question for you? Would you rather own one great cd, or one hundred half assed cd’s that suck? I know what my answer is-maybe you whiners should fucking think about it. –Yes, the answer is yes-go see Spineshank live. Spineshank would have been FUCKING WONDERFUL on second stage at OZZFEST. Spineshank deserved a slot on that tour, and they deserved to go on closer to second stage headliners Voivod and Cradle of Filth-not in the morning. My question is this? Why weren’t they there? They were more than worthy and more than up to it.

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