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Starwood is one of my favorite new bands. They have this weird, but fucking cool mix of metal, punk, grunge, and rock that really fucking works. Yeah, the guys in Starwood have a lot of history-you have to have lived under a fucking rock not to be able to figure out that Lizzy is Lizzy Borden, one of the all time great ones. The rest of the band has played with Lizzy over the years too, but there comes a time for everybody when the fucking music should be fun. -The gracious and talented Marten Andersson, the Starwood bass player, woke up from one of those fun nights just in time to grant us an interview. Read On.

MI: What is your birthday?

Marten: November 26th

MI: Are you single, married, or divorced?

Marten: I’m single.

MI: Where did you get the name Starwood from?

Marten: It was actually taken from the rock club that was here in Hollywood in the 70’s.

MI: What’s your favorite track off the new CD?

Marten: Subculture, All My Girlfriends Have Boyfriends, and What’s Your Damage.

MI: Tell us about your musical history.

Marten: We’ve all been involved in different projects before so we’re no spring chickens obviously. Let’s talk about Starwood instead.

MI: Tell us something about each member of the band.

Marten: Lizzy is a complete freak but a super nice guy and very loyal. Joey is a thinker. He is an intellectual guy and he’s the guy that analyzes everything. If he buys something he’ll read the entire manual before getting into it. Joe is the karma guy. He treats people the way he wants to be treated which is great. He’s a super nice guy and he doesn’t care about possessions much.

MI: What is the most memorable show you’ve played live.

Marten: There’s many of them but one would be when we played at a music festival in Germany in front of 35,000 people. It all made sense in one split second why I gave up everything to be a musician.

MI: Do you think there’s a difference between playing overseas and in the US?

Marten: Yes and no. If you pack a club here in the US in front of 300 people it’s an incredible feeling as well. The only difference I would say is people seem to be a little older here in the US. You see 14 year old kids with your T-shirt on over there.

MI: What advice would you give to any young band getting into the music business?

Marten: Surround yourself with good people. Think of all the aspects, don’t just think about the music. Promote yourself on the internet and have other people around that will help out.

MI: Describe yourself to me.

Marten: I have not failed, I just found 10,000 ways that did not work.

MI: Have you ever inhaled?

Marten: Yes.

MI: What are your thoughts on legalizing drugs?

Marten: I definitely believe in using marijuana for medical purposes. I don’t smoke myself… I still think that marijuana and drugs in the US is one of the biggest imports. They could make a lot of money legalizing it.

MI: How did you get involved with Starwood?

Marten: I’ve known Lizzy for about a million years. We’ve done various projects together before. We go back at least 13 years.

MI: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Marten: When I started I listened to everything. I turned on the radio and listened to everything I could possibly jam to. I would turn on the Spanish station and play with it.

MI: Name five great bass players.

Marten: Tom Peterson from Cheap Trick, Michael Anthony from Van Halen, Pete Way from UFO, Roger Glover from Deep Purple, and Gene Simmons from Kiss.

MI: Where were you when 9-11 happened and how did it affect you?

Marten: I was sleeping actually. I got the phone call and it changed everything and how we look at the world. We’re a lot more vulnerable than people realized we were.

MI: If you could design a memorial for 9-11 what would you design?

Marten: How about a big night club? Maybe a strip club.

MI: What do you think about the US being in the Middle East?

Marten: Now that they’re there they have to finish up and get the hell out of there. Was it the right decision to go in there? I don’t know.

MI: Do you think Bush is going to be re-elected?

Marten: It looks that way.

MI: What album has had the greatest influence on your life?

Marten: One of the albums that made me want to become a musician was Alive II by Kiss. I wanted to be Gene Simmons at the time.

MI: What are your thoughts about Ozzfest, Lollapalooza and all those packaged tours?

Marten: Anytime there’s live music it’s good. Ozzfest is more of a business type run operation than anything else.

MI: What do you think about the MTV now as opposed to the MTV from the past?

Marten: MTV who? What’s MTV?! We’re shooting a couple of videos now so hopefully we’ll at least get on Head Banger’s Ball.

MI: What CD is in your CD player right now?

Marten: Right now, in my car, I have Evanescence. Unfortunately, A lot of the songs get old after a while.

MI: What do you think about the downloading MP3 situation?

Marten: I could see it in limited process. It could be a fairly good promotion tool. It’s stealing as far as I’m concerned.

MI: If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring 2 books, 2 CDs, and 2 bottles of liquor, what would they be?

Marten: The liquor would be Jagermeister. The CDs would probably be something with Kiss, Michael Shanker, or Deep Purple. The two people would be my mom and dad.

MI: What about the world pisses you off the most?

Marten: Ignorant people! Lack of respect as well.

MI: If you were God for a week what would you change?

Marten: I would make our album go triple platinum. I would create a compound for myself with about a million strippers. I’d also blow the fucking planet up and create a new one.

MI: Do you believe in psychics?

Marten: Yes I do.

MI: Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

Marten: I saw a UFO when I was about 13. It was in Sweden and a really breathe taking moment. It hovered for a little while and then flew straight up into space.

MI: Do you believe in reincarnation?

Marten: Yes.

MI: Who do you think you were in your pas life?

Marten: I was told by a psychic that I was a soldier in the Civil War.

MI: If you could bring anyone back from the dead, who would it be?

Marten: There’s a couple people-my Grandma and Alex Nelson.

MI: Who was your hero growing up?

Marten: My mom and Gene Simmons.

MI: Who influenced your playing style?

Marten: Gene Simmons!

MI: What do you think the best thing to happen to Rock N Roll was?

Marten: Michael Shanker.

MI: When you’re not on the road what do you do besides play music?

Marten: I date porn stars, strippers, actresses, I ride Harleys, and I go to the Rainbow. (Dear Marten, Sorry for the original misprint. xo, Barbara)

MI: If you could dump a bucket of flesh eating ants on someone, who would it be?

Marten: I don’t think there is a specific person.

MI: What do you consider your greatest achievement of all time?

Marten: As far as I see it, it’s not the destination it’s the journey and I think the best is yet to come.

MI: Would you say the band is now more of a full circle?

Marten: Yes. I’m having more fun than I’ve ever had.

MI: If you could open for anyone, who would it be?

Marten: Aerosmith, Kiss, Lenny Kravitz, Judas Priest…

MI: If you had a million dollars to donate to charity what charity would it be?

Marten: I would probably split it up between cancer research and an animal charity.

MI: What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

Marten: Pizza delivery. You make shitty money, you work a lot, and I hated it.

MI: If you could have lunch with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

Marten: President Bush, Gene Simmons, and my Grandma.

MI: If there was a movie about your life who would you want to play you and what would you want the theme song to be?

Marten: The song would be Enter The Arena by Michael Shanker and the actor would be Johnny Depp.

MI: Who is your favorite author?

Marten: Mitch Albom.

MI: If you could be a super hero, who would you be?

Marten: Superman. Because he has strength and he can fly.

MI: What message would you like to send to your fans?

Marten: Whatever you do keep at it, check out the new Starwood CD, and be happy.,

MI: What’s your favorite quote of all time?

Marten: I still miss you baby, but my aim is getting better. Also, only a fool stands in the way of progress.

MI: What is your website?


Thanks Marten. This was a fun interview, and I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us. I can’t wait to catch Starwood live. Soon. -Maybe Gene will read this.


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