Steve Vai – Live At The Astoria London DVD Review


The Cast: Steve ‘The Devil’ Vai-Guitar & Vocals. Billy ‘The Best Bass Player In The World’ Sheehan-Bass. Tony Macalpine-Guitar & Keyboards. Virgil Donati-Drums. Dave Weiner-Guitar. Run Time At The Astoria-four hours.

Or we could call it The Devil Does London. The Devil in all cases is the one and only Steve Vai. The Devil is cool-he wears pimp hats. He has fun and really fucking feels it all the way. Case in point, look at that crazy lady talking about Little Stevie Vai being wonderful. -In other words, little guitar players, he is trying to teach you how to join the big party in Hell. Watch him, he is a guitar playing virtuoso who can also perform. Let look at Derek Trucks. He is a brilliant fucking guitar player, but he never looks like he is feeling what he is playing. The Devil has IT kids, by IT I mean showmanship. He can sell a song and make me believe it is coming straight from his mother fucking soul, and I am a tough fucking sell. You can be the most technical player going-but if you look fucking bored on stage you aren’t cut out to be anything but a fucking studio musician and get OFF. Find something to make you happy, because if you don’t feel it I sure as hell won’t-and neither will anybody else. -The Devil is generous. Everybody gets a fucking solo. More lessons-share with your band mates. Let everybody show off, the Devil has only the best of the best anyway. The Devil is SEXY. -The Devil speaks through his guitar. Watch him when he plays-his face. -The Devil always has the Karate Kid with him onstage-in this case it was Tony Macalpine, but let me tell you something-the only reason the Karate Kid won in the first place is because it was in the script for the movie. -The Devil ALWAYS has a drummer that can bring the thunder and raise the gods-Virgil Donati. -Dave Weiner, sorry Dave, I was focused on the Devil and Macalpine a little more-but you fucking kicked ass. -Then we have THE BEST BASS PLAYER IN THE WORLD, Mr. Billy Sheehan. He’s blond. He has good fingers…hmmm. -The Devil brings out a guest-Eric Sardinas. You have to push your CORE. -Yes, this CD is for guitar lovers as well as for those of us who love the Devil Vai. I am a photographer-so the video quality intrigued me. It did not miss me off-I liked it because it was different.
-The Devil must have control. So Vai produced it and Vai mixed the sound. -Yes, buy this DVD. At 15.99, it is MORE SO MUCH MORE than worth the price. You have to love the DEVIL. Get insight into the mind of the Devil with one of his many great works, and be sure to catch him on his REAL ILLUSIONS 2005 Tour with Eric Sardinas as his supporting act.

Let’s look at the set list.

Disc One:

Shyboy-Written by THE BEST BASS PLAYER in the world Billy Sheehan for David Lee Roth’s first album. Vai does this one blindfolded.

Giant Balls Of Gold-Okay. What is the Vai Band saying with this song? Are you trying to give us a hint Mr. Long Island Devil? -Sheehan shines on this one, like a shiny Ball Of Gold (Cough).

Erotic Nightmares-And dreams of his many wives dance in The Devil Vai’s head. They are coming for you Steve.

Blood And Glory-In 2004, with the country at War, this song couldn’t be more important. I don’t know what the hell actually inspired it, but it makes me think of Iraq.

Dave’s Party Piece-The Dave gets a shot at the spotlight. Go Dave, we are rooting for you on this.

Blue Powder-Blue Powder? Is It A Cleaning Solution? Is it a special drug? I have to wonder, because the name of this one gets the fucking psychic in me stuck. This is a SEXY fucking song though, and it is only for the beautiful people.

The Crying Machine-Listen to the guitars cry. Such punishment….such a great fucking song.

The Animal-The Devil is The Animal in all of us. He is the hunger, the sex, the life, the fight, and the death.

Bangkok-The Devil travels. He wants you to know about it and keeps a record with songs.

Tony’s Solo-Now who would have expected a piano solo, but there can be only one. Still, the thing kicks some ass.

Bad Horsie-Dare I say it? This song is fucking FUN. A good time was had by all.

Chameleon-This is from Billy Sheehan’s solo album-Compression. What exactly are we changing into here?

Down Deep In The Pain-The Devil duels Tony Macalpine into the ground as they spin around in circles and match note for note, but there can be only one Devil.

Fire-In order to keep Hendrix happy in The Big Down Under Party, Vai hits this one note for note with absolute ease.

Little Wing-The ONLY performance of this song that I like more than Vai’s is Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Whispering A Prayer-Seriously touching. This shows off The Devil’s tender side. This one is nominated for a fucking grammy…..

Incantation-Virgil Donati has a drum solo that helps Vai put out the call to his legions of demons. What does he need them for this time? Think of it as the Bat Signal.

Jibboom-Okay…so this is the sound the guitar makes. I feel weird about requesting anything called Jibboom anywhere-but it is the Devil being original.

For The Love Of God-For the love of who? The Devil is so misunderstood in this touching epic poem of several sixes. God just threw him away (sniff).

Liberty-Freedom. This song screams fucking freedom, and I believe in The Devil’s Freedom man. You better believe it too, or he will come for you and make you a fucking janitor in Hell.

The Attitude Song-A New Yorker writing a song about attitude. Go figure.

Disc 2: Bonus Features- Backstage, Behind-The-Scenes Footage, Interviews, Band Biographies. Vai Discography. Los Angeles Rehearsals.

Special DVD Features: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. PCM Stereo. Audio Commentary. Instant Chapter Access To Songs.


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