Stone Sour: Come What(ever) May


Stone Sour Come What(ever) May

Barbara Fara
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Corey Taylor – Vocals

James Root  – Guitar

Josh Rand- Guitar

Shawn Sconomaki – bass

Ray Mayorga- Drums

Corey Taylor was born
December 8th 1973 in Des Moines, Iowa. He grew up in a poor, single family household where he was raised by his mother. He was married to a wonderful woman, Scarlett, with whom he has a son that he pays tribute to on many of his tattoos. His rough upbringing has led to many rumors of excess; the so-called drug overdoses and fatal car crashes; one such rumor announcing his demise would be announced a few days before his son’s birthday and then on the day of his son’s birthday as the media gathered outside his home to cover his “tragic death”, he rushed outside to his front porch and screamed “I AM NOT DEAD!!!” Thankfully he is not and he is still sober and still with us.

James Root was born October 2nd 1971 in Des Moines, Iowa. Previous to their fame from bands Slipknot and Stone Sour, Root played in the bands Dead Front and Atomic Opera. Believe or not, Root is the tallest member of the both bands standing at a towering 6’6”. James was born left handed, but he has the talent of playing guitar with either his left or right hand. He also provides all the back up vocals for Stone Sour is currently dating Italian singer Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil… hmmmm… no wonder why both bands went on the road together. Good for you James J  So, when is the wedding date there, big boy?????

Josh Rand, also born in Des Moines, Iowa, provides the rhythm guitar. If you notice on stage sometimes, Josh and James do a guitar switch where Rand is on lead and Root will take over rhythm. Rand himself has been member of Stone Sour from 2000 till present.

Shawn Economaki is the bassist for Stone Sour and when he is not touring, he is the Road Manager for Slipknot.

Roy “Maurice” Mayorga was born April 6th 1970 in New York, New York. He is the newest drummer for Stone Sour. Prior to his new life with Stone Sour, Roy was also an original member of Thorn and Soulfly.   In 2004 he took himself and two members of Soulfly and Snot and created another metal band called Abloom. In his spare time, he does classical film scoring. As of May 10th 2006 Roy became the permanent replacement drummer of Stone Sour their original drummer Joel Ekman had to take time to care for his dying son who would later on pass.


Guest Appearance

James Shannon Larkin Born April 24th 1967 in Chicago Illinois and is the official drummer for Godsmack. He made a special appearance on the sophomore CD with their hit 30/30-150. This is the only song he appears on the whole CD.

Track Listing:


Stone Sour always put out beautiful work. People at one point were only screaming for Slipknot; Slipknot was doing fantastic, still is doing fantastic. But here’s the bitch; Stone Sour fans were crying for Stone Sour. So when you listen to 30/30-150, he’s letting us know, life’s been a bitch, working two bands, raising children, being married, and watching as the world falls apart in front of your eyes. The song is a tribute to the Stone Sour fan that has not heard them for awhile; he is giving you the warning that the world is changing and if we don’t start altering how we operate, how people treat each other, nothing will ever change. What he is trying to share is – love your family, get your life together, stop being malicious to your fellow person, help the old lady with the walker or shopping cart cross the street. In plain simple words, listen to this song, not as the latest hit from Corey Taylor and Stone Sour, but as a cautionary tale – clean your act up or Armageddon will happen quicker than you think.

Come What(ever) May

What I love about this song is that Stone Sour is pissed off about things, raging against the state of the world – I personally dedicate this song to GWB, that shithead republican… when 9/11 happened, did he go after Osama? No. he goes after Saddam Hussein as a personal vendetta for his daddy. As Georgie-boy is passes through the ending of his presidency, the legacy he leaves of wars and hatred is only getting worse. When Stone Sour look at Bush, and this is from my psychic point of view, they see him for the ASS he really is. So, to our darling mr. president, and all the hell you have caused over the past 8 years, I hope when you are dying, and you are seeing your life pass in front of your eyes, you know where you are gonna end up, don’t ya, dear boy. And it ain’t with your Jesus Christ, it’s with his fallen angel, Lucifer. In hell. That’s what I see, mr. president.

Hell and Consequences

This is for all you Stone Sour fans; yes, this has been a very productive year for Slipknot, but for Stone Sour – this disk is a masterpiece. They have not disappeared, no matter what label they end up on, in the past or future, they will always be around and be nothing else but Stone Sour. Their producer, little Nicky Raskullinecz, has taken a massive, massive chance by combining the signature sounds of Stone Sour and Slipknot into one album, and if you listen to this track you can catch that.


To begin with, freedom is just a word now. No one takes it seriously. It can be taken away from us at any time, because no one even knows what it means anymore. Love is another word. Love is a song, written from the heart. But if it’s not copywritten, you turn around and someone else gets their hands on it, you lose it all. Just like freedom. Everything you read by our major media are lies being fed to us and we happily eat it up. We are a nation of fools. Everybody is looking at the world through rose colored glass. Wake up and start smelling the coffee.

Made of Scars

When you hear this song, know the band is sending out a message: they understand the pain you go through, whether it be physical, mental or emotional. Imagine this, you are having lunch with Stone Sour, and the band can see all the metaphorical scars up and down your body, and the story behind each scar. This song is like the greatest meet and greet in the world. Abuse can take over part of your soul. It can turn you into the same substance as the abuser. Sometimes words can be harder than a punch. No matter who you are, where you are, if someone is hurting you, find a way to get out of it, not through suicide, not from self harm, but get the hell out. If you are a kid living with your parents, or it’s a relationship with a spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, whatever – if you are being abused, accepting it is not the word. Frying their ass is the word. Call the cops, tell someone you need help, and then take your ass far away from the source. Don’t walk back into a house where you are being physically and emotionally abused. Corey is trying to help those who are being hurt, telling them it’s not your fault, it’s the abuser’s fault. And yes, being an abuse victim, we have the habit of cutting ourselves to release the pain, and when that one little cut hits the vein, you think to yourself, god I fucked up. Why am I not dead? Am I supposed to live like this the rest of my life? I realized why I survived; it’s my job to put my abusers behind bars. Don’t be scared to speak up.


This is very interesting. A lot of people hear voices. A lot of people are psychic. These voices are their guides, not Multiple Personality Disorder. If you have MPD your whole personality changes, you have a whole other personality in your head. But this is different; this is a kid who is denying his role as a prophet. So this kid tries to turn off his guide by telling himself that the voices don’t exist. I truly believe everybody is born with a gift. Some are born with it more at birth, sometimes it activates by a near death experience which wakes up your inner purpose. What these voices are telling him is don’t throw us away.  We are not always perfect. But we are here to protect you. Don’t be afraid to share your gift.

Your God

This is a patient. In a coma state. This person is thinking, is there anything out there? Is anything going to change? How could god let this happen to me? God is everywhere, you can reach your higher spirit while taking a shit or giving head. There is something out there protecting us from this cruel world. So my friend, stop fighting your inner voice and stop telling yourself that you don’t believe in anything, because deep down inside you know you do. Let your higher spirit into your life, and see where it takes you.

Through Glass

You see everything around you fade away except for that one person, but so many obstacles stand between and separate you…the crowd, the world. When you hear this song, you will know why it was written, it’s for you. Don’t let the corporate machine take over your heart. Who runs your life anyway, the corporate world or you? Please listen to this song and understand what I am saying. I see you through every piece of glass.  


This is a very shy person. A young man by the name of Jesse; he is very sweet, very quiet, very loving, very kind. But his dark side is his heart that has been burned so many times that he has become scared to show his feelings, and so he can’t let love anywhere near him. Then Amber comes into his life, and dark little Jesse, the broken-hearted soul, is repaired by her love. Once he was thinking so intensely every moment of everyday that he thought he must be a sociopath; but he sees he is just a fallen angel that had been burned and now, redeemed.

1st person

This is a beautiful song. What Stone Sour is trying to say is that everyone looks at them as just some rock band, not real people. Everyone takes them only as they see them on the surface, and they want to be respected on a deeper level, musically and in all aspects of life. You see Slipknot in the first person and you see Stone Sour in the first person, but do you see ME in the first person? Look deeper.


The person in this song is talking about his abuser, his father, who comes into his bedroom every night and robs him of his autonomy and power. Now that he’s grown and has kids of his own, he won’t let this happen again. Abuse can be a horrible thing, living in your mind forever; you can be 95 and remember in gory detail everything that happened to you when you were 5. So his memories of the past won’t enter his mind, he sleeps with the tv on. He won’t be the monster that hurts his child, scaring him of the dark forever, leaving him in fear. He is stronger than what happened to him.

ZZyzx Rd.

This is a gorgeous ballad about a man on a grueling tour schedule on and off for a year. He rarely gets to come home and see the people he loves. He’s learned to shut up. He has learned to be the puppet and obey the corporate world, but all he wants to do is go home. Watch his children grow up, walk his daughter down the aisle, be his son’s best man, and to be a husband to his wife and his family. But yet, he still desires his place in history, and with lyrics sung this beautifully, he deserves it. If you want Stone Sour to have their much deserved day in the sun, buy this album.







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