Stone Sour: Stone Sour CD Review


Stone Sour: Stone Sour CD Review
Label: Roadrunner Records

Stone Sour is: Corey Taylor-vocals, Josh Rand-guitar, Jim Root-guitar, Shawn Economaki-bass,
and Joel Ekman-drums.

Base: The left side of the river Styx, next to the big man’s
summer house.

I love Stone Sour. To me, Corey Taylor has the essence of Morrison. He is a poet
that can sing, and he doesn’t take himself too fucking seriously. He puts
on a hell of a live show, and he puts in a first class performance on Stone Sour’s
debut cd. Corey is the whiskey in the Stone Sour, and I know it has to be Jack
Daniels. –I love Jim Root. I can’t think of another metal guitar player
that I would compare to swallowing the worm in a bottle of tequila. –Josh
Rand is the juice on the other guitar. Not everybody can be the hard liquor all
of the time. You have to get some vitamins somehow. –Shawn Economaki on
bass is a double shot of Jagermeister-one of my favorite drinks. –Joel Ekman
is like an Irish coffee on drums. He gets you drunk and buzzed on the caffeine.
–I know this cd came out in 2002, but like I have said so many fucking times-some
things are so FUCKING GOOD that they should be looked at again and again. It is
MY magazine and I am the editor, so I pick what I personally review. –I
love Stone Sour. This is a big, powerful metal cd. It makes you jump around and
pump your fist in the air. It is historically important, because I do believe
that Stone Sour will be as big as Led Zepplin was. It needs to be here.

Track Listing:

1. Get Inside: Get away from me. I fucking hate you. I don’t want to be
under your microscope. I roll it up and smoke it, so it will be gone. I am crazy;
the dog is talking to me. I take my orders from Sam, and he his telling me to
kill EVERYONE and I like it man. Woohoo. I love a great serial killer song. Look
out; I am going to be after The Lucky Charm guy and Toucan Sam next.

2. Orchids: I get fed pretty flowers inside my cage so I feel brave. Hmmm. Some
girl in this song is giving our hero some good sex. It is a hard thing to break
away from some good sex, no matter what an evil bitch she is. She stays with him,
how fucking sweet-just to be able to say she was the one who never left him. Yet,
she kills him a little more every day. It makes me wonder if he is going to break
out of rehab and buy a shotgun.

3. Cold Reader: Another user. She better be careful, because the hero in this
song is talking to Sam the dog. –Why is everybody stealing our hero’s
soul? It must be quite valuable. Everybody wants to crawl inside of his head and
pick the essence right out of him. –God, I think I need to get a dog.

4. Blotter: This song starts out with our hero having a massive case of skin hunger.
He only wants to touch you baby, don’t be afraid. He doesn’t want
to be the first or the last. –Hey wait, that fucking dog is speaking again!
Why don’t YOU give HIM everything you soul sucking bitch? It is only your
life. It will make him feel better.

5. Choose: The dog is giving you a second chance baby. You can survive and leave
or die. –I guess our hero made a case for you. Hostages sometimes develop
protective feelings about their captors. You have to know you hurt him. He knows
your lies. So go you stupid bitch, leaving is better than dying.

6. Monolith: Our hero is graduating. He is getting visions, and the beast that
did it was the fucking dog. –He wants to shed his old skin and show his
power. Get it? Corey Taylor took off the mask and is showing us his power. No,
he isn’t crazy. He fronts Stone Sour.

7. Inhale: This one reminds me of a schizophrenic homeless man that I know in
Little Five Points. He has good days, he has days where he talks to people that
no one else can see, and he has days where he drops his pants and recites the
pledge of allegiance to the drug store. –The only thing that breaks his
trance is smoke. It seems to be the only thing that matters to him.

8. Bother: This one was on the Spider Man soundtrack. Not too shabby. –To
me, this is a song about a failed suicide who lost his job once he got out of
the hospital. He doesn’t have a job, and he can’t get a job. No money=no
rent. No rent=no home. Now, he thinks it would have been a better thing to die.
What in the hell was his life saved for?

9. Blue Study: This is a study in death-the death of a relationship. Our hero
in this song got rid of the dog, and let the chick get off without too much grief.
Now, she is making him pay. The chair is stained and he can’t stay awake-there
must be a fucking needle somewhere. This chick must be starting her own music
career and making him a slave to smack. I wonder if he has stomach problems. I
wonder if he is going to break out of rehab and buy a shotgun.

10. Take A Number: Repeat after me, ‘YOU ARE ALL A BUNCH OF FUCKING SLAVES.’
-The Morrison influence REALLY shows up in these lyrics. We all prostitute ourselves
in one way or another don’t we? Aren’t you selling your time for that
weekly paycheck? -When you don’t have anything else to offer, you are fucking

11. Idle Hands: Oh man, that fucking dog is back. Our hero hurts so badly that
he can’t feel a thing. That dog has helped him build an arsenal, and he
is warning you and that crazy bitch that won’t let him go. GET AWAY FROM
HIM, Run. Don’t fuck with him, because he has dog on his side.

12. Tumult: A fight with smack. A fight with another guy-it really doesn’t
matter because it is just a fucking fight. You have to fight the crazy shit you
think you want to do. Don’t pick up a needle. Don’t take a gun to
school. Don’t kill your girlfriend. That dog is just a little pissed off.

13. Omega: ‘This is the end, beautiful friend. The end of laughter and soft
lies. The end of nights we tried to die.’ –J Morrison. –That
is all I am going to tell you about Omega. You want more? Listen to it.

If you do not already have this one, you want it. You want it for those days when
you get so crazy pissed that you could go postal. It is a better thing to sing
with Stone Sour than to go to jail and do serious fucking time. Sing long enough,
and you won’t take yourself so seriously either. You will get lost in the
poetry of the lyrics, the wailing of the guitars, and the thundering of the drums.
Your problems will look like a cakewalk before it is all. –Repeat after
me, I want this CD. I want to see Stone Sour live in Atlanta. -I want to get a

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