Stone Sour


Stone Sour
Earthlink Live
April 29th, 2003

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

Corey Taylor, Josh Rand, Jim Root, Shawn Economaki, and Joel Ekman
put on a show that makes you want to slap your mama for not making you
take guitar lessons and for yelling at you for singing in the shower.
Four regular looking guys got on stage at Earthlink Live in Atlanta, by
regular looking I mean no make up and no masks, and slammed the house
with beautiful fucking ass-kicking metal. Stone Sour is a
drink-whiskey, orange juice, and sour mix. I guess you throw in the
orange juice for vitamins and the whiskey for Morrison. Stone Sour is a

band, and I guess you throw in the lyric poetry for vitamins. Taylor is

a showman and a poet is the tradition of Morrison. Trust me, you want
to see this man live. He lets it all hang out. The Atlanta Police
Department was looking for the person who threw him the joint onstage-in

case you were wondering, he stuck it in his pocket as any true rock and
roll star would do. He poured a bottle of water down is pants at the
beginning of the show and sang his first three songs with a big fucking
wet spot on his pants. What you see is what you fucking get. He
doesn’t hold back his thoughts or feelings. He is his own man. He was
the last to get on stage with his own personal entrance music. Fuck, he

ended the show offstage reading a poem. It makes me wonder if he is Jim

Morrison’s illegitimate child. If he is, I think daddy would be proud
of him. He has a mesmerizing stage performance. Corey is going to
fucking blow you away or die trying.
That night, Josh Rand and Jim Root were like little twin Steve
Vai’s. Root even broke into a little Steve Vai in between songs on
stage-to Taylor it was all the same fucking thing. Funny shit-Vai was
in town. He should have been there. Vai would have probably
said-everybody wants to be me. We know that know, don’t we. Vai would

have probably tried to recruit Root and Rand for his core of fucking
demon guitar players over on Favored Nations. This isn’t Slipknot kids,

this is Stone Sour. This is where Taylor and Root take off the masks
and be themselves. I would describe Stone Sour as a heavy metal
emotional band. You can see and feel their emotions come through their
performance. Taylor is the focal point of Stone Sour’s emotional
state. Stone Sour’s emotional state is everybody’s emotional state.
Stone Sour makes fans feel understood, much like Slipknot does-but with
a difference. That difference is Stone Sour is more than just fucking
angry. They have a full range of emotions, just like their fans.
When I saw them that night, I felt fucking Morrison. It was like
Jim was watching over them as a guardian angel. I felt the Doors.
There is no place better for Stone Sour to be than onstage. They are
real, and they make you feel at home. Their fans become a part of the
family. Stone Sour took time out after the gig to speak with their fans

outside of the tour us in front of Earthlink Live for at least an hour.
They didn’t have to do that shit at all, but they love their fans.

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