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Dredg: Here They Come

dredg: Gavin Hayes-vocals/guitar/slide guitar. Mark Engles-guitar. Drew Roulette-bass. Dino Campanella-drums.Barbara Fara Editor-In-Chief Music Incider Magazine…

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Johnny A: Get Inside

Johnny A: Johnny A-Guitars, Percussion. Ken Clark-Hammond B3. Henley Douglas Jr.-Saxophone. Rick O’Neal-Electric Bass. Garrett…

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Ancient: Night Visit

Ancient: Aphazel-Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards. GroM-Drums, Vocals. Dhilorz-Bass, Guitars, Vocals. Jesus Christ-Guitars, Bass, Vocals. Kaiaphis-Guest lead…

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Mortiis: The Grudge

Mortiis-vocals, synth, programming, sound design. Levi Gawron-guitar. Asmund Sveinunggard-guitar. Leo Troy-drums. Norway’s answer to Marilyn…

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