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Tesla, Real To Reel

California’s own Tesla band members include: Jeff Keith (vocals), Frank Hannon (lead guitar), Brian Wheat (bass guitar), Troy Luccketta (drums) and Dave Rude (guitar.)

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They have always been and continue to use more bluesy themes, while their contemporaries sang about sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. Not until Tesla’s 2004 CD, Into The Now, did the band include any synthesized beats.

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The Used

“These guys rock! Make ’em shine,” Barbara told me as I examined the distorted doll face on the cover of the album. Captivated by the cover, my eyes took in the visual candy as I tore off the fucking plastic wrapping.

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Parents want the best for their daughters. They send them to all these fancy colleges, hoping they’ll meet a doctor-to-be. Instead, this girl meets a gorgeous country boy who is always there for her, and understands her mental, physical and emotional needs. They can’t understand why their daughter falls for a country boy? Have you seen them lately? They’re hot.

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Mark Newman, Must Be A Pony

Best known as guitarist, mandolin player, and vocalist for band, Tao Jones, and their CD, Rorschach Sunset, Newman received industry-wide accolades. He’s famous for his work playing in New York’s
Bleecker Street
bars and clubs.

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Dirty Rig, Rock Did It

Founded in 2003, Long-Island based Dirty Rig is Kory Clarke (vocals), Chas Banellis (guitar), Steve “Buckshot” Seabury (bass), and Dave Ardolina (drums).

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My Chemical Romance, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

Before we start anything on this review, let’s get this straight. Listen up and listen clearly. Everyone loves My Chemical Romance. Me too. But, as you’re going through this CD, you’ll notice it sets the stage for The Black Parade. We included this CD to juxtapose Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge against The Black Parade. Three Cheers was the band’s answer to 9-11, but it includes themes seen in The Black Parade. What will follow the Black Parade? Is this going to become a trilogy?


Crane, Beerfest And Music Review

Named after their lead singer, Georgia-based Crane includes band members: Anthony Crane (singer/songwriter/guitarist/harmonica), Matt Powell (drums/percussion), Davis Sandling (bass/vocals) and Sammy Bonet (guitars).

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