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Flyleaf Show Review

There are people out there who may have been there for her, for example people who like girls who can’t sing. She sounds like a Tasmanian Devil on crack.


Otep Show Review

All I know was the crowd started chanting her name over and over and out comes this little blond, my height maybe shorter, and she uses that red can to stand on because she was so tiny.


Seether Show Review

Being the kind and caring motherfucker that I am, I was really, really concerned about Shaun’s mental state because you could see the heartbreak in his eyes. Maybe the fans didn’t see it, but I know that the photographers up front did.


Stephen Pearcy

MI: What made you decide to become a singer?

SP: Um, like I say, I went to my first audition back in ’77 for a band and brought my guitar and they said, “Well, we’ve already got a guitar player. Can you sing?” and I just said, “Yeah, I guess.” And I became a singer. Then I became a singer and guitar player and uh, started the procedure of Mickey Ratt, which turned into Ratt and now we’re back in the cellar…


Alexis Brown – Straight Line Stitch

Some of these so called rock stars out here, what they don’t get or fail to remember is that the fans make you who you are. Some of them get so ahead of themselves and are just “I’m all this or that” but they dissed the fans. I’ve experienced that, and that’s why we go out of our way to make sure we are accessible to our fans, so they can talk to us, email us, or whatever.



I believe that anybody that’s really made it, you know like all these BIG names, are up there for a reason, but I want to work with people that nobody knows yet. I want to find these gems, I don’t want to follow anyone else’s path – I want to create one.


Joan Jett

What I should have done was sat in my car for those 45 minutes during her set before REO Speedway came on, gotten my photo pass and my backstage access pass and tickets so I could have avoided the nightmares of Joan Jett’s show.

CD Reviews


They are truly one of Atlanta’s original doom metal bands, and just because I am friends with them don’t think it means I am going to give them a kick ass review – it will be an honest review.

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