Tammy Faye Bakker at The Masquerade


In no way does this magazine endorse religion. In no way does MusicIncider promote God or Satan (well, maybe Satan sometimes) or any of that organized bullshit that tells you that you suck and that you are WRONG. I am a fan of being yourself and speaking your truth in all things. I am a fan of the motherfucking underdog trying to rise above the shit and do something constructive-so fuck, I went to see Tammy Faye at The Masquerade. I was wondering what the hell God’s Angel was doing in The Devil’s Den. -My bitches about it: It was impossible to get a great picture. I couldn’t shoot her from the pit. I couldn’t yell Hail Satan-and so forth. -The self-righteous piss me off. Televangelists piss me off, so I fully expected Tammy Faye to piss me off. Imagine my surprise when I wasn’t entirely pissed off. This woman is on husband number three. She has had two husbands in jail. Eight years ago, she had colon cancer. She showed us her chemo port for her lung cancer. America has made fun of Tammy Faye and kicked her in the teeth more than once. She has lost everything she has ever had more than once. It just made me want to give her a break, a small one. -She was very rehearsed, but bear in mind the woman has been on chemo for awhile now. She wasn’t holding a bible-but a designer notepad. She was talking about spirituality more than religion. Spirituality doesn’t piss me off. I liked the story she told about dead bodies-it goes a little something like this. In ancient times, when you killed somebody they strapped the dead body to you. You had to carry it on your back. You ate with it. You slept with it. Eventually it started to stink and you didn’t feel like eating or sleeping-and that dead body killed you. -Spooky. I liked it. -What I want to know is why. Why wasn’t she in a church or a hall? I like the fact that she came out to help her kid at The Masquerade. If you can’t give your kid a hand with your fame and celebrity then what is the point of having it at all?! -It was sort of like Kerry King from Slayer going to see Jerry Falwell. It was strange. CNN was at The Masquerade as well as all of the local news channels. The kids from Georgia State were doing live filmed interviews. There were cars in the parking lot from Tennesee and Alabama. I honestly don’t think The Masquerade has EVER seen that much gray hair. I have never heard a crowd at The Masquerade say ‘that was my blessing from God.’ -It was like an episode of the Twilight Zone. Spirituality is an intensely private thing, and I find it nerve shattering that Tammy Faye has now officially been on the same stage as Ronnie James Dio, Glen Danzig, Dimmu Borgir, and Nirvana. -Jay Bakker isn’t a bad guy. He holds bible study at the IF Coffee House in Little Five Points. Much in the tradition of POD and AS I LAY DYING, he seems to be a Chirstian Metal head-and he is just trying to bring a little hope to the masses. What the fuck-go see why CNN visited The Masquerade. -But on The Masquerade as a venue for CHURCHES? NO NO NO. What’s going to be next? Tupperware parties and ice cream socials?


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