The Autumn Offering


The Autumn Offering: Revelations Of The Unsung
CD Review

The Autumn Offering is Dennis Miller on vocals, Sean Robbins on bass, Tommy Church and Matt Johnson on guitars, and Nick Gelyon on drums.

1.The Great Escape: A great track to introduce the CD to the listener. Consisting of a fast pace, frequent shreds, crunchy riffs, and an exotic solo at the end of the song, this track makes for a vibrant introduction. The lyrics are screamed through and through and I’ve only heard a select few bands able to pull off the screaming lyrics with any success. This band doesn’t seem to capture that success to me. I don’t enjoy the lyrics very much and nor do I understand the majority of them. This song, already being melodically wonderful, could much improve by some sung lyrics.

2.Revelation: No loss of melodic value on this track from the last. Great drum work, guitar work, and a lot of unexpected change of pace scenarios. The lyrics, again, are unattractive to me; Much screaming and no actual singing. A mid-song break down includes a much slower pace, tamed guitar and drumming, and a nice flowing melody. There’s actually some sung lyrics there and my impression is that it GREATLY improves the value of this song. I would love to hear more singing.

3.Calm After The Storm: By the third track I’ve heard enough music to feel out this band’s style. I enjoy it still. Crunchy riffs, melodic guitar work, and fast drum work makes for another good song. My main beef still remains with the way in which the lyrics are betrayed. Screaming them does not work for this band. The song itself is great and the pace transitions from fast to slow are well done.

4.Last Desperado: More of the same components from the first 3 tracks. Fast to slow and back to fast type transitions, fast guitar work, streamline drum work, and more screaming. The melody of the song suffers slightly now that the band’s style has become repetitive over the last 4 tracks. It’s a cookie-cutter from the last 3 songs with slight differences. If you had never heard the CD before you would probably not be able to differentiate between tracks.

5.Deflowered: Had I not been watching the CD display I wouldn’t know this was a different song. It sounds almost exactly identical to the last track. Of course, every single lyrics from every single song thus far has sounded identical because it’s all nonsensical screaming. The instruments are still well played but in the same mannerisms as before.

6.Doomed Generation: Slightly different from the songs before. All in all the same basic ingredients as much of the other songs used in slightly different instances.

7.Homecoming: Good quick pace track with some crunchy segways and a few shreds scattered about. More screaming and some melody tossed in gets you another likely track from The Autumn Offering. The last minute or so of the song actually shows some uniqueness and stand alone attributes.

8.Bonds In Which We Break: Similar sounding track to most of the others. Fast to slow paced transitions, screaming, and some melody thrown in the mix.

9.Shadows Of Betrayal: This track begins as the slowest on the entire CD and ends up as the fastest pace on the CD. Had it remained slow through out it’s entire length it may have shown promise of other styles among this group. As it turns out it falls back into the same category as most of the other songs.

10.Beginning’s End: Not much new here. A slightly different tone to the song brings a fresh sound to the table apart from the other tracks but it still remains to be seen (or heard) that the band possesses any other sort of musical talent.

In closing, the band members all seem to have good talent on their respective instruments. They play well, flow, and time skillfully. They seem to have the know how and energy needed to produce great music but they lack a few things. First and foremost they need to SING. The screaming is terrible. The style of music they play just meshes better with a sung voice. The melody is great but the style in which they play becomes very repetitive after the first few songs have been run through. I have no doubt this could be a great band and they could do so with very few changes. Uniqueness among songs is huge. The way I think of a CD is an opportunity to showcase the abilities and creativeness you have. Take that opportunity to show different styles and different things you can do within your own genre. The same shit over and over gets old.


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