The Canon Logic


The Canon Logic – White Balloon EP

By Rikki O.

Staff Writer


Mark Alu (Guitar, Keys, Vocals)
Sean Enright (Bass, Keys, Vocals)
Josh Greenfield (Guitar, Vocals
Tim Kiely (Vocals, Guitar)
Michael Mignano (Drums)


Sometimes in life it pays to simply let go of one’s worries, relax, and enjoy some music for the pure delight of it and nothing more. The Canon Logic seems to understand this concept perfectly and seeks to share this intrinsic joy with their listeners on their new EP, The White Balloon. Blending beachy 60’s pop sounds reminiscent of the Beach Boys and the innocent catchiness of early Beatles, the music itself is the opposite of tired overworked and over thought composing. The CD is only 3 songs long, but it is also an enhanced disk so there are a few live studio videos as well.

The Canon Logic was formed when Tim Kiely and Josh Greenfield roomed together while attending the University of Delaware. Tired of the same old sounds emanating from their local music scene, they decided to take matters in their own hands and recruited Mark Alu, Sean Enright and later Michael Miganano to complete the cipher. Soon after, the entire band moved to Brooklyn where everything began to fall into place. Making music and playing shows that get the listener up and dancing, The Canon Logic manage to succeed where so many other bands fail – they get the fact that without engaging an audience, no amount of talent or hard work is going to matter. They want to take you with them on their carefree, ebullient musical journey and they clearly want everyone singing along on the trip.

Songwriter Tim Kiely writes sweet, affecting lyrics with bright and poppy melodies that melt the heart. On opening track, “Delia”, he gives us sunny harmonies with story-based lyrics like “I write you songs describing all the feelings that you cause/ although those words aren’t anything/ they can’t describe my pain/ And my love of everything in you.” All the tracks, in fact, appear to be a part of a larger narrative, one that reads something of personal introspection in the light of the world surrounding him (from “The Run” – “I’m standing alone in a darkened home/ Not sure where I am or where I’m coming from/ I’m not giving up on you/ But wait! Lights are shining down/ She outwits me again”) It’s smart writing without being pretentious scenester pop in the slightest. This EP serves as a pre-cursor to their full-length album that is due out sometime in the fall of this year and if it is any indication of what is to come, then rest assured this band is on their way to extensive radio play and jubilant fans across the country.




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