The Darkside Lands At The Masquerade


Barbara Fara
Music Incider Magazine

Grand Moff Tarkin gets a write-up. Yes, the Star Wars Tribute band. I imagine you are asking yourself why? The members of the band guard their identities very closely. Why the fuck would I want to tip you iff to WHICH members of Atlanta’s community may or may not have joined the forces of evil?

Let’s get some things straight. In the movie, Darth Vader got a bad rap. He was simply defending his country like any good American would. Darth was like Colin Powell to the dark Sith lord’s George W. Bush. He was following orders like any good soldier would. So this stuff about the Darth being evil is far fetched at best. Just think of him as the American public and its really fucking easy to see why the movie was released when it was. Then it is even easier to see why a bunch of ironic motherfuckers from the Atlanta music community put it together. -Let’s talk about Darth. I think he is that fucker from Kingsized who does the Elvis show every year. Why? This Darth was TALL and there were mostly naked chicks onstage. The Elvis show has naked chicks. Hey local bands! Let the word get out that you have naked chicks dancing onstage at your show and just watch the crowds flood in. Everybody is going to want to see who YOU talked into taking their clothes off for your cause. The girls you get don’t have to be sexy-just interesting. Put some make up on em, and you have yourself a revue. It is good to be an entertainer. The only problem I had with Darth was he needs a bigger helmet. Why? This Darth has a BIG singing voice and the echoes in that tiny fucking helmet killed him. -I personally know one of the Crimson Guard-Craig from The El Caminos and The Rock City Drop Outs. Craig is a kick ass guitar player and has been around for about ten years. You may remember that The El Caminos were on the verge of being signed to a label when their drummer got busted for something and went to jail. Jail sucks, but if you ever want to look up Craig and Paul-they own and operate Johnny’s Pizza in Decatur. -I also heard a rumor that Boba Fett was Jett from The Evils and The El Caminos. Jett also works security from time to time at The Masquerade. -I have no clue about the drummer, but the rest of the guitarists were from The Rock City Drop Outs.

So, in other words, some of the finest underground musicians banded together, spent a shitload of money for elaborate costumes and an elaborate set to entertain your ass. They never told you who they were. They maintained the mystery. I watched Grand Moff Tarkin a few times while they were out doing a mini tour of Atlanta and the surrounding areas in the local tradition of Super X 13. I love them for it. It was a fun fucking show, and MusicIncider thanks you.


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