The Dillinger Escape Plan: Miss Machine


The Dillinger Escape Plan: Ben Weinman – guitar, Brian Benoit -guitars, Greg Puciato – vocals, Chris Pennie – drums, Liam Wilson – bass.

After five long years, we finally have a new release from Dillinger Escape Plan. The new guy is Greg Puciato on vocals, and he is absolutely fucking amazing. Greg is a screamer and a singer. He can handle it all to the point where you longtime Dillinger fans won’t be missing Dimitri Minikakis all that much. I am not going to say that DEP’s sound has changed with Greg fronting the band-I am going to say it has evolved. A lot of music critics whine and bitch and moan about a lack of originality in music-but here we go. Miss Machine is fucking innovative to the max. We have hardcore, jazz, and punk-shaken but not stirred. We have melody AND intensity. We have art and brilliant fucking musicianship along side of music that will kick your ass. -So why haven’t the critics lined up to make Dillinger their next baby? Even Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle) thinks enough of this band to have fronted an EP (Irony Is A Dead Scene) for them AND to have given them their original break by taking them on the road with Mr. Bungle. Dillinger Escape Plan has opened for the mighty System of a Down. So what the fuck happened? -It could be the line-up changes. The bass player has changed over the years quite a bit-Adam Doll was paralyzed in an accident. Jeff Wood was only temporary help and went back to Shat-which he fronts, and the band brought in that Philly boy-Liam Wilson to play bass. Liam can really switch up between punk and jazz bass lines and you are really going to like the fact that he is a well rounded musician. Think Brian Wilson. Musically-everbody in the current Dillinger line-up is fucking outrageous. -The only members left from the original line-up are Ben Weinman on guitar, and Chris Pennie on drums. Weinman is Adam Jones (Tool) great, but different. I really fucking like the fact that he is such a fucking mixed salad. Chris Pennie is like this fucked up DNA mix of Louis Bellson, Buddy Rich, and Tommy Aldridge. -Brian Benoit played in a band called Jesuit before bringing his guitar to Dillinger. He has guitar exchanges with Weinman that border on greatness. I can’t wait to see him live. -Greg Puciato is going to remind you an awful fucking lot of Mike Patton. DEP could not get Mike, so they got the next best guy for the job. -DEP is an original like Zappa and Mr. Bungle, and my prediction is that you will continue to see fucking greatness out of them. The band is an innovator and a ground breaker-it is like a hardcore, punk, jazz version of fucking Radiohead and Miss Machine DESERVES to be in Billboard’s top ten. It is just that good. I rarely give tens. Tens are special. I listen to a lot of shit, and you would be impressed by the CD collection I have, trust me-but Dillinger Escape Plan and Miss Machine get a ten out of a possible ten OH FUCK YEAH’S from me. Miss Machine will be in my permanent CD rotation. -Go fucking buy it. What are you waiting for?

Track Listing
Panasonic Youth
Sunshine The Werewolf
Highway Robbery
Van Damsel
Phone Home
We Are The Storm
Crutch Field Tongs
Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants
Baby’s First Coffin
The Perfect Design


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