The Donnas


The Donnas at Lollapalooza
8/3/03 Atlanta, GA

The Donnas are: Donna A (Brett Anderson; vocals). Donna C (Torrance Castellano; drums). Donna F (Maya Ford; Bass), and Donna R (Allison Robertson; guitar).

Hey I loved the fucking Ramones too! Who can blame them for calling themselves Donna? I knew this bitch Donna in high school who was always picture perfect, got everything she wanted, got all the good grades, fucked every guy in school, and smoked dope in the bathroom and NEVER GOT CAUGHT, not even when she cut school. Me, I always got fucking caught-so lets face it ladies, everybody wants to be fucking Donna don’t they? Fuck, they already have a Donna F. –Enough about that. So these punk Donnas played my Hi Fi Buys in Atlanta at Lollapalooza, and I made sure I got there EARLY so I could hear them and take a few ‘Donna Shots’ with my trusty Minolta. –I like The Donnas for weird reasons. I like them because nobody has dressed them up to look like fucking sluts on stage. I like them because they are an all female punk rock group like The Runaways. I like them because they can hang with the boys musically. They play LOUD. I like them because Donna R thinks she is Ace Fuckin’ Frehley’s illegitimate daughter. I like them because Donna A has a huge set of pipes on her.
What I don’t like about them is that they sell sex with their songs- ‘Take Me To The Backseat,’ ‘Take It Off,’ and ‘Please Don’t Tease.’ –Shit designed to get dicks hard, period. So this says to me that if you want to be a female artist and make money-if you don’t sell it with your tits and ass, you better be an excellent cock tease. In the punk world-how did women become second-class citizens again after Joan Jett kicked the boys in the balls? The boys sing about being ANGRY, and about being in LOVE…they are allowed to have lyrics about themselves and their perspectives-being men, not a bad thing. The Donnas are all sexed up, but not in a way that makes them powerful-just in a way that makes them look like the punk version of the Spice Girls and that pisses me off. I find it hard to believe that any fucking woman in her twenties is out there begging for a fuck, and I find it hard to believe that that is all the male punk rock fans want out of The Donnas. The music buying public has been sold short with this one-because four powerhouse musicians get sold as ‘barely legal’ across the web.
It was hot at Lollapalooza. The music The Donnas put out there was tight; the Kiss stuff was absolutely kick ass. –My question is this, how long should we, as fans, expect The Donnas to put up with the bullshit? Should they really be forced to become the punk version of The Go-Go’s? -My bitch is not with these girls as musicians. My bitch is the fucking cock tease aspect of the music. The boys don’t have to tease the girls sexually to sell records. Should we just dress The Donnas up in g-strings and call it a day? I sure as hell hope this is not what it takes for female punk/metal to make it into the mainstream. It would be a fucking shame.

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