The Drama Club Interview


The Drama Club Interview with Nick Coyle 10/22/08


By Barbara Fara



MI: What’s your birthdate, darling? 

NC: It is 11/17/80

MI: Who are the members of the band, baby.

NC: Uh, me – Nick Coyle – singer, vocalist, guitar player. Jon Novakovich, he’s a guitar player. Eric Sandroski on guitar, Chris Wallace – he’s the keyboard player, Randy Elmy – he’s the drummer and Mike Morgan on bass. 

MI: Tell me a brief history of the band.

NC: Well, the concept of the band started late 2004-2005 and there were actually different members in the band than there are now. Kind of went through numerous line-up changes over the past couple years. But we started off back then with the concept and started writing songs and we released an EP back in 2005 by ourselves and it did well regionally. Then we did a bunch of shows with Breaking Benjamin, shows with Flyleaf, basically just writing songs and getting to the point where we worked with Rob Caggiano as our producer. 

MI: I was going to ask you about Rob… 

NC: You know Rob? 

MI: No, I don’t know him, but he’s worked with Anthrax before…what was it like for you to work with Rob?

NC: Awesome. Actually he was a friend of mine that played in my previous band before we did a show together and we kept in contact and it kind of came up that he was going to produce this CD and we kinda reconnected. So it was a good opportunity and he’s done some good work with Cradle of Filth and most of the stuff he’s done is not really our genre of music but he’s got a good ear for music all around. So when we got together with him for pre-production, there was just an instant bond in the room and we all bounced ideas off each other and it went really smoothly. 

MI: It’s like that man-love thing…

NC: Yeah, man-love. (laughs)

MI: Like women say we have bitch-fests or hen-fests? You guys have your man-love fests. Who writes the songs for the band?

NC: I write all the lyrics and for a lot of the songs I write like the gist of it, but each song is approached differently. Some songs I bring in, some the guitar player brings in, sometimes it starts with a jam, and every song is approached differently.

MI: Who were your musical influences as a guitarist and vocalist growing up?

NC: Everybody. Eddie Van Halen to Jimi Hendrix to vocalist.. I guess Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury, Steve Perry. Everyone I hear ends up being an influence in some way or another. 

MI: I was listening to your cd and I noticed your vocal changes and I thought, this kid can sing anything.

NC: Yeah, I’ve been doing it awhile. It’s just one of those things where I guess everything we hear ends up being an influence in some way or another. We kind of just regurgitate it and make it our own thing.  

MI: I recently saw a photo of you and you are one sexy motherfucker. Is there anyone special in your life and if not what are you looking for in a soul mate, my dear? Because I’m going to pimp your ass. 

NC: (laughs) You can pimp my ass. Yeah, I have somebody special.  

MI: You do. Are you planning to marry her?

NC: Uhh…

MI: (laughs) Ok, What’s your favorite track off the new EP?

NC: I think it would probably have to be “November.”

MI: When is your full-length album going to be released and what can you tell us about it. 

NC: The whole thing is to tour on this and then go in the studio late spring, early summer and have it out by the end of summer next year.

MI: Everyone is going back to vinyl. Do you plan to release it on CD and also vinyl?

NC: We’ve definitely talked about it because it’s a way for people to take something away that’s not digital; everything is in the digital realm these days and it’s like a nice gift for the fans and the music listener to have it on vinyl because you can’t download vinyl.

MI: Do you think Myspace, Imeem, all these sites have helped you with the downloads or are you against the downloading.

NC: I do think it’s helped us out because it gives an opportunity for bands that aren’t discovered yet or even just starting out on a label to branch out and connect to fans that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise.  

MI: Just say your out on tour with someone and you saw a little local band that you liked, would you offer to take that band out on your next tour?

NC: I’d definitely say I’d try. It’s all about politics these days, you know? I have friends in big bands and they can’t even take us on tour, you know? I would definitely do what I could – whether it was present their cd to the right person or by all means if we had any control over who we took with us, then yes, I would take them. 

MI: How did you end up with Dana Gordon as your PR? 

NC: Though our manager, Ross. I’ve spoken to her on the phone but I haven’t met her in person yet. 

MI: What would you warn upcoming bands that are just entering the music business and what advice would you give them?

NC: I would say to watch out for people that are just trying to exploit you for their own monetary gain. There are a lot of shady people in this business as I’m sure you know. If there’s a good product, there’s always someone who wants a piece of the pie. I’d say get a good lawyer, a good manager and try to weed through all the bullshit that’s throw at you.  

MI: How does your family feel about your career?


NC: Good. They’re really supportive – they’ve always been. I’ve been playing out since I was thirteen, so I pretty much dedicated this as my life. They were there, buying my equipment, all that, you know.


MI: So is mommy, like, head of the street team now?


NC: She’s not too computer savvy, but she’s definitely my number one fan. I went to Van Halen with my mother, Bonnaroo with my mother…she definitely rocks out.


MI: Do you believe in psychics?


NC: Psychics? Yes, I do.


MI: Really? Have you ever had a psychic experience or a paranormal experience?


NC: I kinda have. I went to a psychic, she’s actually a witch and she did some crazy readings for me and after that it kind of solidified my belief in that. She told me that actually she believed that I’m partially psychic, that my third eye is almost all the way open and she wanted me to really try to hone that skill which I really haven’t done. I pick up on people’s emotions or something like that. I don’t know how to really describe it. It just seems like I’ll just meet a person and a bunch of shit will flash at me real fast and I’ll kinda get a gist of what they’re all about without even talking to them.


MI: If you were god for a week, what would you change?


NC: Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I wouldn’t change anything. Leave it all to pan out how it’s going.


MI: Where do you see the band five years from now?


NC: Hopefully top of the world, touring all over the world.


MI: I know you guys had side projects – are you still working on your side projects?


NC: Uh, we don’t really have side projects, I mean, this is our main purpose. I write music that doesn’t really fit into what we’re doing, and I guess that could be called a side project because it’s never been kicked fully into gear yet.


MI: What are your feelings on the legalization of marijuana?


NC: I think it needs to be legal. I’m a big endorser of marijuana.


MI: So am I (laughs)


NC: And I think especially with the economy right now and oil and…they’re missing the biggest cash crop they have right here in the United States. You can grow weed and tax the hell out of it…but they’re not even looking at that crop.


MI: I recently read in High Times the soldiers coming home with PTST are getting better symptom relief with weed than with medication. I think that’s the best way to go.


NC: In that aspect, too, you’re not taking chemicals into your body from god knows where, some factory or scientist. Way safer.


MI: With this bailout with Bush, do you see us more like in a recession or going into another Great Depression?


NC: Um, it definitely seems like it’s a recession and if things don’t change soon it could definitely turn into a depression like back in the day.


MI: All this is happening right before he leaves office… If you could have lunch with anybody living or dead, who would it be?


NC: I’d say Jim Morrison.


MI: What would you ask Mr. Morrison?


NC: I don’t know what I’d say to him. I think I would just kind of observe for a little bit. Just let him tell some of his stories, kinda be a fly on the wall more that actually talk, you know?


MI: How did the death of Dimebag affect you guys?


NC: Death puts such a scary, scary twist on things. You never had to be afraid to be onstage before, and it definitely put a little bit of that fear in you but you could be onstage rockin’ and entertaining people and there could be that one person in the crowd that for whatever reason you pissed off and they could just do something like that, shoot you on stage.


MI: So have you guys taken more protection?


NC: Um, no, we can’t afford protection, you know. We’ve got our fists, our guitars, you know (laughs). We’ve got a real big driver, so…


MI: If you had a chance to go on tour with Hell Yeah, would you?


NC: We’ll play with anybody, but I think it’s tough for…we’re not that heavy, it would kinda suck to…I mean, I listen to heavy music and I’ve played it before, but for this band I don’t that’s a great venue for it. But we’ve played with country bands, so…


MI: If a movie was made of your life, who would play you and what would the theme song be?


NC: People say I look like Macaulay Culkin so I guess he would play me. What would the theme song be…you ask good questions… “We are the Champions” by Queen.


MI: Do you have any dirty secrets about the other band members that you want to share with us?


NC: (laughs) Nah, I don’t feel like it…


MI: When you are off the road, what do you do in your free time?


NC: Umm, between writing music and spending time – I have a three year old daughter – so that pretty much consumes…


MI: Daddy time.


NC: Yep, Daddy time and writing music, that’s what I do.


MI: Do you see her picking up daddy’s traits?


NC: Yeah, I do. She’s all about music. She’s dancing and singing – she’ll be three in a few weeks and she’s really inclined to the whole thing. She’s got drums and different things she bangs and jams on.


MI: What is your favorite book and movie of all time?


NC: Hmm, well I don’t really read books too much; I don’t really have that much spare time. I read articles and things on the Internet that are shorter. When I start reading a book, after about 30 pages my mind starts wandering – I don’t know if it’s ADD or what. I just start thinking about other things and I get distracted.


MI: You’re like me then. If you could pour a bucket of flesh eating ants on anybody, who would it be and why?


NC: (laughs) I’d pick Bush.


MI: Why Bush?


NC: Cause he’s an asshole.


MI: Who’re you planning to vote for this year?


NC: Barack Obama.


MI: Who do you think is more honest, US news or overseas news?


NC: I haven’t been overseas, but I would have to say that the overseas news would be a little more honest because it’s more of an outsider’s view of what’s going on here. Our media is kinda controlled to fit their needs.


MI: What inspires you to do what you do?


NC: Like perseverance, getting knocked down and people telling you can’t do it.


MI: What were the best and worst things you’ve seen on the road so far?


NC: Best thing would probably be Franks Arena with Benjamin – there were probably 20 thousand people there so that was good and one of the weirdest was probably playing a Christian youth center in Virginia with death metal bands that were Christian. It doesn’t make any sense to me. We got there and they were like, “you’re playing with these bands” and we were like “awesome.”


MI: If you had a million dollars to donate to any charity, what would it be?


NC: I would say probably the ASPCA. I’m a big animal lover; I’ve got a pit bull. The bad things people do to animals…people get them and can’t take care of them and whatnot. I think that charity would benefit from the money.


MI: What is your favorite quote of all time?


NC: You’re stumping me. Ummm….


MI: Do you have any messages for your fans?


NC: Thanks for sticking with us, for every day you’re there. You’ve been there from the beginning, digging the music and hopefully we’ll be in town really soon to meet you in person.


MI: When are you guys coming to Atlanta?


NC: Atlanta? We might be going to come down this little run in December.


MI: Where can your fans find your websites?


NC: www.myspace/thedramaclub,,


MI: I want to thank you again. Go have breakfast and relax. Have a good day.


NC: Thank you so much!



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