The Exies Land In Atlanta


The Exies: Dave Walsh-Lead Guitar. Scott Stevens-Vocals/Guitar. Freddy Herrera-Bass. Dennis Wolfe-Drums.

Barbara Fara
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Ok-Scott Stevens picked the name The Exies from a John Lennon biography because it was the only Beatles related name not already taken. The comparison stops there-these guys are not The Beatles. Yes, Dean DeLeo from Stone Temple Pilots was an early fan of the band. WHY? Because call their sound whatever the fuck you want to, it is Grunge. –Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, Soundgargen, Pearl Jam, Hole, Collective Soul, The Foo Fighters…these are the bands that have influenced the sound of The Exies. And why the fuck not? These are some of the most interesting bands of the last twenty years. If eighties retro can make a comeback with all that fluffy, meaningless synth-pop bullshit why not Grunge? -Grunge was a movement and a viable class of music-just like punk. So why the fuck not? There will ever only be one Nirvana. Cobain was classic and groundbreaking, but Scott Stevens may very well be one of the closest artists you will see to him onstage. His vocals and guitar style are very Cobain/Eddie Vedder-but the lyrics lack that rebellious rage and political statement-I need a little more than ‘Are you like me, Are you Ugly?’ Teeny bopper angst only goes so fucking far. Can Grunge be poppy? I think they should look into Courtney Love producing their next album. Yes, Courtney Love. I think she would give them the edge they need to push them over the top. –Dave Walsh is fucking wonderful on guitar. DeLeo probably saw himself in this kid, really. Freddy Herrera is interesting on bass-sort of Melissa Auf De Mar. I would love to see him let go a little more in the vein of Marco Mendoza or Frankie Bello. There is no reason for talented bass players to have a boring stage presence. –Dennis Wolfe is excellent. He is no Brann Dailor from Mastodon-but still worth watching.

I would love to see this band when they are loose and not opening for the tight likes of Breaking Benjamin. Everybody has an off night. The music was fucking perfect-but the vibe was off and that could have been due to any number of factors. Uhmn, Breaking Benjamin….cough. Benjy has a cult following and probably should be out on the road with only one other band at a time. A grunge band opening for Breaking Benjy was not the ideal chioce. –I think The Exies would be a great opener for Audioslave, Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM, The Foo Fighters…or any number of other kick back bands like Queens of the Stone Age. Under different circumstances, they would have been utterly amazing-but I think this time it was out of their control. –My Goddess and Can’t Relate are the tracks to hear live.


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