The Futureheads at the 99X Upstart Fest


The Futureheads are: Barry Hyde-Vocals, Guitars. Jaff-Vocals, Bass. Dave Hyde-Vocals, Drums. Ross Millard-Vocals, Guitars.

These guys were fucking great. Did you ever get in that argument about who was the father or fathers of punk music-The Beatles or Elvis? Here is a place to continue that argument. Here is a band that is going to remind you of early Everclear. Everybody sings in this band like The Beatles. They are pop. They are punk. They hit you with a high energy blast that impressed even me, and I hate happy pop punk as a general fucking rule-but Kate Bush? How punk is that? That covered Hounds of Love. -When everybody sings, it is even better. I like this four piece band. The music is full of life and happy. The force is strong in this one Obi-Wan. They were the perfect openers for the day. -Who are these Futureheads you ask? They are from England. They formed in somebody’s fucking garage, put out a demo in local record stores and sold out. I didn’t think things worked like that anymore, but apparently in England they do. -It is very near impossible to single out any band member in particular because The Futureheads work as a unit. There isn’t a front man-there are four front men and with this group it works. Think fast-can you name just one of the Temptations? No. No you can’t. -The Futureheads do not suck. Once you see them, you will not forget them.


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