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Oh Kaptain, my Kaptain…he speaks and is the very first person Music Incider has EVER published a second interview with. Asking yourself why? Let me tell you. KMFDM is probably the most important industrial rock band EVER, and Sascha has a lot of important shit to say. I love the music, and I like the man. I think he is EXTREMELY important to the music that we hear today and doesn’t get nearly the amount of credit he deserves. So read on.

MI: How did the overseas leg of the WWIII tour go?

Sasha: It was really good. We played Moscow, St. Petersburg for the first time. There was a shitload of people at the shows. We did a couple of gigs in England and went to Scotland for the first time. We also did a few more shows in places like Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, and Germany.

MI: Tell us about your new DVD and how everyone can go about getting it.

Sasha: The new DVD can either be bought at the store on or it might even be available at some stores if century for once did their job right.

MI: What are the similarities between Hitler and Bush?

Sasha: They both use the good Lord in their speeches in a very striking and likewise way. Hitler and Bush both have the same sort of idea about what God is and how he can help their causes.

MI: If you were dictator of America what would you do to fix it?

Sasha: I would donate California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas to Mexico. Then I would break the rest off into three sovereign states that are self controlled.

MI: KMFDM is turning twenty and is massively wonderful and successful – What or who do you give the credit for that?

Sasha: Our fans.

MI: Tell us about what goals you have with KMFDM records and what type of acts you are looking for to b on your label.

Sasha: First of all KMFDM records is only there for KMFDM and related projects at this point. It’s not a label that’s going on the market and snatching up other acts.

MI: As far as the American liberation’s go do you feel like America will invade Iran next?

Sasha: I think it’s going to be either Iran or Syria.

MI: Where do you see the direction of KMFDM heading musically over the next five years and what is your vision for the band?

Sasha: That’s something I can’t answer. I don’t know what the future will bring. I know we’re going to start recording this January and are shooting for release in late August or early September next year.

MI: There are 326 dead Russians as a result of a school siege, half of which were children. What are your thoughts on this?

Sasha: It’s absolutely unbelievable that these Islamist terrorists would go so far as to involve innocent little children into their stupid games. It’s a very kind of torn thing. I condemn all acts of terrorism, starting with 9-11 and the Cole bombing up to the murder in this school.

MI: What are your thoughts about the world being controlled by secret societies like the Trilateral Commission, The Bilderbergers, The Freemasons, and The New World Order?

Sasha: I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I don’t want to be thinking that way, however there’s plenty of evidence that there are definitely some brotherhoods at work.

MI: What are your plans for Kapt n’s Korner on KMFDM?

Sasha: There are no plans. The Kapt n’s Korner was instated for me to have something to blurt out whatever it is I want to blurt out.

MI: If you had to name the fuehrer of the music industry, who would it be?

Sasha: I’m so out of the loop in regards to the music industry. I don’t watch TV and I don’t listen to the radio.

MI: What do you think the most important moment in the history of KMFDM was?

Sasha: The most important moment was when we got invited by Jim Nash and Al Jourgensen to come to the states and do this Ministry tour.

MI: The website says “Two decades of conceptual continuity.” What do you mean by that?

Sasha: Conceptual continuity is a phrase that Frank Zappa coined back in the day. What it means is when a concept takes on a life of its own.

MI: If you could design an exhibit for KMFDM in the Smithsonian Institute, what would be in it?

Sasha: The members of KMFDM and past and current. We would all be there to answer questions. We would bring a lot of stuff…

MI: Name the five KMFDM songs that you find effect the crowds that come to see the band live.

Sasha: World War III, A Drug Against War, Light, Megalomaniac, and Godlike.

MI: Who are the overrated artists in the music industry?

Sasha: Definitely the whole nu-metal thing. I hate to say it, but also Marilyn Manson. All of the boy bands and all that kind of slick shit.

MI: What do you think makes KMFDM the most important band out there?

Sasha: I don’t think we are the most important band out there. If anything, it’s the fact that we’ve never succumbed to this kind of crap. You can always talk to us. The people on stage are not demi-gods.

MI: Describe the average KMFDM fan.

Sasha: The average KMFDM fan doesn’t really exist. The youngest person I’ve ever seen at a KMFDM show was 6 years old and the oldest was 85. I would say that the majority are male in their early to mid twenties, slightly overweight, and somewhat obsessed with computer geekary.

MI: Give me your favorite recipe to cook.

Sasha: My favorite recipe would be beer chicken. Take a can of beer, open it up, and stick a chicken over it so that the chicken rests in an obscene position. Place the whole thing on a grill, close the grill, wait an hour, and it’s done.

MI: What do you find fuels your creativity?

Sasha: I think my creativity fuels further creativity. I’m always motivated when everything is going on at the same time.

MI: What was MDFMK and what was it all about?

Sasha: MDFMK was a way to stick very close to the KMFDM identity without officially being KMFDM. It was a transitional period where we needed to stop KMFDM at some point because a number of problems and difficulties.

MI: For someone who is new to KMFDM, what do you think their first CD purchase should be?

Sasha: The new one. World War III. Always the newest one.

MI: What was it like to work with Peter Murphy?

Sasha: It was really a trip and a half. It was like working with someone like David Bowie.

MI: Will we ever see KMFDM’s side project again, Excessive Force?

Sasha: I doubt it. Excessive Force was something that only existed in a certain context at a certain time.

MI: Can you comment on TVT’s buyout of Wax Trax and what do you think of the current TVT format?

Sasha: The current TVT thing is very hard to see through for me. I know for a fact that TVT has not sold, shipped, or manufactured any of our back catalog in about a year. They have essentially frozen KMFDM’s back catalog. TVT is run in a very ruthless fashion.

MI: What is the next music project going to be like for KMFDM?

Sasha: We will be touring on this US and Canadian tour through late November and then we might go to Australia. For the new year we plan on recording CD and being back on tour by this time next year.

MI: What do you want most for Christmas?

Sasha: I want a President that is not George W.

MI: Would you consider yourself a dog person or a cat person?

Sasha: A cat person.

MI: Who in the industry do you think could use your help as a producer and why?

Sasha: That’s a strange question. If I think they’re shit now then why would I want to lend them my time and energy? It would be fun to see R.E.M. produced by myself.

MI: If your fans could do one thing for you what would it be?

Sasha: They’re doing everything they can. They’re showing up, paying for tickets, buying CDs…

MI: If you could send a message to your fans, what would it be?

Sasha: I do it every night. I tell them that we love them and that we’re absolutely thrilled to see them.

MI: If there was a movie of your life who would play you and what would the theme song be?

Sasha: I would opt to play the part myself and the theme song would be Sugar, Sugar.

Sugar, Sugar….not what I expected. Thanks Sascha, and I am looking forward to that third interview!


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