The Killers at the 99X Upstart Fest


The Killers are: Brandon Flowers: Vocals, Keyboards. David Keuning-Guitars. Mark Stoermer-Bass. Ronnie Vannucci-Drums.

What can I say? I can see what all the Hot Fuss is about. Let’s start with the band name-they look like a bunch of killers. Brandon Flowers looks a hell of a lot like Ted Bundy. He has that smooth charm on stage and a voice to cut your throat by. I believe him when he sings about knowing his rights when he is being held by the cops. I believe him when he talks about killing somebody on accident. He is calm and explosive at the same time. It isn’t his voice that is so impressive on stage-he isn’t a power singer. It is his manner. He looks like he is plotting something all the time. Peple don’t seem to be reacting to him. They seem to be reacting to what might be on his mind. Let’s put it this way. Madonna is not a great singer, but she is an interesting performer. If you can sell it like Brandon Flowers and it is different, you will be a hit. I loved David Keuning on guitar. He is another laid back but explosive little bastard that keeps you guessing. He reminds me of a lot of things. Think about it-David Keuning looks like somebody everybody knows in their lives-ordinary average joes. But it is the ordinary ones that are dangerous. Nobody really suspected Ed Gein did they? David’s playing style isn’t heavy, but is has a huge Satriani flavor to it. Mark Stoermer on bass looks like he has that thousand yard stare you hear about in Vietnam movies. I love him because he looks evil. There is something to be said for looking evil in a band named The Killers. Mark has a laid back but intense style that blends in perfectly with the band. Ronnie Vannucci on drums from Las Vegas. I am not going to say a word about this one because he will probably have his family put a hit out on me. He was great (gulp). -At times, The Killers can seem like an overblown lounge act on stage. Those are the in between times. That lounge thing is just to give the crowd a break for the intense shit that is about to pour off of the stage. I loved them, and I was not dissappointed in the least. Would I go see them? Hell yeah. Go see what all the Hot Fuss is about.


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