The Macabees, Colour It In


The Macabees – Colour It In

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The Maccabees is an English band based in Brighton and formed by Orlando Weeks (vocals); Hugo White (guitar); Felix White (guitar, vocals); Rupert Jarvis (bass); and Robert Dylan Thomas on drums.

Weeks and White were classmates who used to write songs together after school, prior to 2003, when they met guitarist Hugo White. Shortly after, the threesome added Rupert and Felix, and the band began to materialize.

Following heavy radio play of their first single, X-Ray, they realized their dream and were opening for the Arctic Monkeys among other bands. Then came their second single, Latchmere, which you can also hear on this, their debut album, Colour It In.

Officially released in May 2007, the leak of the album on the Internet in April spawned the band to release their tracks early to iTunes. They remind us of a mix between The Beatles and The Clash. They’re very interesting, but they just need to get their love lives together. Damn good. Worth the money to buy the album and the concert tickets.

Good Old Bill (Secret Track)

It starts out about their record company taking their money. One of the band members’ grandmothers was supporting the band. Death came along and took his best friend, and nothing can bring him back. They think of yesteryear and drink to their friend who is no longer with them. It is a beautiful track.


Every girl from age 16 and up should listen to this song. This girl does not have super powers. She can’t see through walls or doors. She’s not Super Woman. The guy can’t admit the truth to her; that he’s cheating on her. But, she knows. If you feel your man is cheating on you, send him a copy of this song and let him know you know what he’s up to.

All In Your Rows

It sounds like XTC and The Cure. This song teaches parents to let their children learn from their own mistakes. You can’t just lock them up in the house or in the church to protect them from life. Let them out in the world so they can let them live their lives. Parents are afraid about letting their children grow up in this world, and kids need to grow. It doesn’t mean they’ll die in war.


Latchmere is a public pool near London, England. This is a great song about a young boy who is on a swim team. He is so in love that he would do anything to get the girl. So, he tries and tries, and he gets no response from her. He changes his clothes, his ways, and does everything the swim coach says. Stay in your lane, and maybe he’s swerving into her lane, or jumping in when it’s the girls’ teams turn to swim. It’s a very cute song. And, maybe if she looked at him in his Speedo, then she’d have a change of heart.

About Your Dress

This reminds me of a young boy’s first love and he’s trying to get to third base. Even though they love each other, he continually apologizes for his actions. She says she loves him for who he is, and just wants him to be himself. And, likewise, she’ll be herself.

Precious Time

This is a young man who is very shy. His girlfriend is also painfully shy. And, the only way they’re gonna know if this relationship can work is if they learn to bring their courage forward. He’s trying to help her learn this. Time is precious; we don’t know where we’ll end up in the end. He’s growing so much and really opening up, but she’s still so shy that he’s trying to help her become a strong, independent woman. And yet, he still wants to have her forever as a part of his life through marriage, children and life. They’ll stick together like peanut butter and jelly.


This is about a couple and the boyfriend is an addict who cleans up and gets his life together. He knows drugs aren’t the answer. And, that’s when her life starts falling apart. Even though he keeps the box to remind himself he doesn’t want to start using again, she starts using his box for her drugs. He tells her he loves her and asks her when she’ll get help, because it’s tearing them apart. It’s not a farewell, but the drugs getting in the way. So, let’s get you clean and make our relationship last forever.

Tissue Soldiers

This is a beautiful song about a loving couple who attend a wake of nobody in particular. It could be family or friends. He tells her to cry on the nearest shoulder. If it’s not me, it’ll be someone else’s shoulder. They break up after the death because she takes it so badly. He tries, but can’t comfort her, despite all his efforts. He hears through the grapevine that she passes away. He asks her parents to give her a nice service and tells them he’ll never forget her. Yet, her parents tell him to move on with his life and find someone strong.

Happy Faces

This song is about a young girl and her first young love. Maybe she’s 14 or 15 and it’s puppy love. But, all of his friends are telling him to run from her, that she’s nothing but trouble. But, how do you really know if she’s trouble if he hasn’t taken her out on his first date. That’s why when I read people, I tell them to give it three months. First comes friendship, then trust, then love. And, even if it doesn’t turn into love, at least you’ll have friendship because you learned to trust one another.

First Love

The Maccabees have put out a great album, but it seems the lyricist has been burned. Here we go again with first love. He wants to marry. She knows all the mistakes he made so is questioning his honesty. He tells her he’s willing to do anything to make her trust him. He’s willing to give her a chance if she gives him a chance. He’s not willing to give up because it’s his first love. First love you never forget. It always stays with you. And, yet, he’s got to let her go. There’s no more begging and no more pleading. You’ve learned your lesson and it’s time to move on. Whoever has hurt you will get it back three-fold.


This is about two brothers who are in love with the same girl, Mary. Now we know who the bitch is that’s fucking up the minds in all of The Maccabees’ music. The one brother takes all the physical and emotional abuse for being with Mary. He needs to be stitched up. And who is he fighting with over her? His brother. He finally tells Mary to leave his life. She’s nothing but a cold-hearted son of a bitch and he’s not gonna take anymore. There’s only so much you’re willing to do to be with someone. So, the so-called good-hearted brother wins. And, he’s actually the bad seed, and will make Mary wish she had the first brother still. She’ll wish she hadn’t fucked him over.

It’s like that old saying: Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Couldn’t Keep The Guys Between Her Thighs Because She Didn’t Know Which One Was Right For Her Thighs. Ok, just made that one up.

But, she’s basically your neighborhood slut who would sleep with anyone. Actually, she’s a lost soul who actually believes sleeping with every man with a dick between his legs will respect her. The older brother actually respects her, who is willing to put up with her shit. But, she ends up with the younger brother.


This is another one about a family and two siblings growing up and all the fun they used to have. It’s about how they looked out for one another on their way to school; playing sports together; sticking up for one another; and then the day comes when they grow up and their Legos are gone. They remember all the times they shared together as children.

They remember the first time the older brother goes out on his own and there’s not a dry eye. Because he knows he’s leaving behind his best friend, but he will come back one day.

Toothpaste Kisses

This is another beautiful love song. It’s a great song for a man and a woman to send to each other after they have a fight. It’s most fitting for an adult couple; not as much a younger couple.

The one thing he loves is the shape of her eyes and when she brushes her teeth, he tastes that toothpaste in her mouth because she doesn’t rinse well. He thinks of the smell of the spearmint and how he wants her back.  


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