The Stuck Mojo Experience


Stuck Mojo: Bonz – Vocals. Rich Ward – Guitar and Backup Vocals. Sean Delson – Bass. Eric Sanders – Drums.

Barbara Fara
Music Incider Magazine

If ever a band from Atlanta should have ruled the world, it should have been Stuck Mojo. –Any band that has a Jim Morrison entrance song rules my fucking heart immediately. Remember that, try some Morrison for me. –Fuck Korn and Twisted Method and all of the rest of them, they would not exist without bands like Stuck Mojo or Dry Kill Logic. –Stuck Mojo was formed by Rich Ward and Dwayne Fowler in 1989 with lead singer Bonz joining up later that year. Snappin’ Necks came out on Century Media in 1995 with Bud Fontsere (drums, also Sickspeed) and and Corey Lowery (bass, also Stereomud-thus proving it IS a bitch to keep a decent bass player in Atlanta). Mojo hit the bigtime with Century Media in 1998 with Rising, and that album remained Century Media’s highest selling album until Lacuna Coil’s Comailes in 2004. Something caught on with the rest of the metal community-because then came Korn and all of the rest. –The band ‘officially’ broke up in 2001, but continued to play shows at my beloved Masquerade in Atlanta. –Bonz joined Dead Gospel and 420 Monks. Ward, Fontsere, and Dryden joined Sickspeed and Chris Jerico’s Fozzy. God, I love fucking Sickspeed. It is fast and hard like a good grudge fuck. I love wrestling and Chris Jerico, but how in the wide fucking world of wrestling did Rich Ward get the name The Duke? Was he granted a dukedom from Zakk Wylde or something? Who the fuck knows? And why the fuck did he not call me for permission to cut his hair for his new solo album? Rich? Can you hear me now? -Ward is an amazing guitar player in the style of the one and only Randy Rhodes. I love his voice. I love his playing style, and I love his energy onstage. It doesn’t take a critic to love Ward-just somebody with taste and brains.

Bonz has an amazing stage presence and voice. This leads me to an obvious question-where did Jonathan Davis get the idea for his hair? Was he at the back by the bar one night at The Masquerade? Maybe Bonz could give him some ideas for some moves onstage and freshen Korn up a little bit. What do you think? -The new bass player, Sean Delson, does a great job hanging in there. Sean, Kerry King would be so fucking proud of you man. Eric Sanders hangs in there very well too-but I am used to Bud. I will get over it. –Atlanta loves fucking Mojo. We stick by our heroes in this town. It is a whole lot smaller than you think. We are looking fucking forward to Tension….bring it on Mojo. Bring it on. In the Square circle, Triple H against Jericho….what do you think?


Snappin’ Necks (1995)
Pigwalk (1996)
Rising (1998)
HVY 1 (Live, 1999)
Violated (EP, 1999)
Declaration Of A Headhunter (2000)
Violate This (2001)
Inside the Monster: The Evilution of Stuck Mojo Vol. I (DVD, 2005)
Tension (2005)


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