The Used


“These guys rock! Make ’em shine,” Barbara told me as I examined the distorted doll face on the cover of the album. Captivated by the cover, my eyes took in the visual candy as I tore off the fucking plastic wrapping. Shortly after dropping the CD into my laptop, a similar visual theme as the CD’s cover art greeted me.

Bonus footage includes: a music video, studio footage, and an awesome compilation of touring footage distorted by various screen filters to the song “A Box Full of Sharp Objects.” Needless to say, it all captivated my attention. I watched this shit a few times and it just got better each time.

The video reminded me of a Johnny Knoxville show with Bert McCracken full on vocals, running around, raving like a fucking lunatic, and just having a great goddamn time. Something about hot candle wax being poured onto a man’s nipples reminds me of the Johnny Knoxville show. Makes my nipples hard just thinking about it. Branden Steineckert, drums, and Jeph Howard, bass, join in with their own taste of random actions that help wrap together the personality of this band.

“These guys rock, make ’em shine” echoed through my head. “Do I really have to say shit about these guys? Fuck no!,” I replied to myself after listening to “A Box Full of Sharp Objects.” But, I needed more proof that they should shine.

To prove their worth, that they do shine, this fucking shiny plastic needs to spin and spit out some worthy music. “Maybe Memories” steps up first with a short, enthralling guitar with talking in the background. This is ripped to shreds as The Used quickly bust into a heavy and head-rocking spurt. This song alone sets a great benchmark for the rest of the CD with a combination of solid anger, harmonious emotion, and a fucking great and unique sound.

All the tracks are worth listening to and are fucking great. The variation among the tracks demonstrates solid skill and understanding of their own sound. It runs the spectrum. You will find everything from the ‘rock your fucking head’ to the ‘connect to this song with you life’ shit on this album.

Buried Myself Alive – This track is one of my favorites on this album. There is some kind of harmonious magic that weaves through early on in this song. This   magic is skillfully altered into a foot tapping musical experience that demonstrates   the mental state of panic and fear of being buried alive. This sound evolves into an estranged paranoid-like sound as if time and air are running out.

A Box Full of Sharp Objects – Holy shit, it grabs you from beginning to end. Fucking yummy.

I am not recommeding you search for a single track or a few tracks of this CD on the Internet. What I am going to recommend is that you go out, right now, and buy this album with a quickness. This album is golden and every song grabbed my attention. Doing that is hard to accomplish, too. The Used shine on their own. These guys rock and they shine on and off stage.

They will be on The Warped Tour here in Atlanta at the HiFi Buys Amp. Tour   dates will be announced on MusicIncider and


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