The Vertical Gin Line: Repressed Hero Issues


So here you have the last leg of my own personal saga with The Vertical Gin Line. -I let four guys answer the same set of questions and felt a little bit bitch slapped over it. I printed the world’s WORST joke that actually made me think about clipping a part of an interview for the first time (See Tom Clancy Jr.), all I can say is it is a good thing I don’t make a fucking dime yet or I would have some advertising being pulled. -Hint to the little bands…if you don’t get a lot of interviews don’t ever tell an extremely busy and extremely broke magazine editor that their questions suck or that they are stupid to show us how intellectual you are. I am not Metal Sludge, and your big degrees mean you have big ass student loans…lol. -I have eleven photos by Chris Schmelke ( I apologize if a misspelled it honey-you can write me a letter and tell me how horrible I am-there is a Chris Schmelke that plays bass in a NYC band called The Metric Resistance). They aren’t bad, but they are taken in a dark damn club somewhere. Lighting is everything. I have about 500,000 shots that are as dark as hell myself. -So why did I put up with four wise-ass interviews from four fellow wise-ass New Yorkers? Why did I choose to give them four separate pages so you could look at each one as an individual? -Was it because they are ALTERNATIVE? (Recently somebody suggested I get more ALTERNATIVE bands into the magazine. Can you get much more alternative than Six Feet Under?) No. Was it because they are from New York and I have seen absolutely no press on them anywhere? That’s part of it. -My assistant and I both cruise around the net looking for the best shit that our readers never hear, because that is a HUGE part of why MusicIncider was born. It doesn’t matter what fucking genre the band is. The excellence and craft that goes into the music is all that matters. In other words, does it fucking rock?
-In case we forget, the closest genre to describing TVGL is alternative indie-rock. Jesus fucking Christ, I hate the word EMO but it qualifies. Think Cursive. Think Tool. Think Incubus. Think REM-then think about a blender. -When I first hit the site, I was blown away by the song No Fly Zone. Smart lyrics, great musicians, great singer. That was enough for me to give my assistant the go ahead and we contacted these boys. -I received my copy of Repressed Hero Issues, bear in mind that this is the CD that is on their site for six bucks. -The production of the CD is immaculate. It is definitely high quality studio stuff and doesn’t sound a thing like some of the shit I get that is mixed in people’s basements. -The cover art is understated a little-but goes along with the album concept. It is a guy on a tricycle…Repressed Hero Issues. So the band leads us to water with the cover, at least they don’t beat our heads in with a baseball bat…lol. -The singer, Matt, is something special. He has a voice that at times reminds me of Eddie Vedder, at other times he reminds me of Perry Ferrell, and at other times he reminds me of Raymond Watts from Pig. His singing style feels like it is deeply rooted in German industrial music, and I love that. There is not one track on this CD that fails to showcase his singing. He is REALLY fucking talented. -Todd Hovanec on guitar has a hark rock style for an alternative band. More solos Todd. I want to see you show off and cut loose, because I can feel that power in your playing just beneath the surface. It is the guitar playing that gives this band’s sound an edge. More riffs from Todd please. That is a request. Todd would make Joe Perry proud. -Tom Clancy Jr. on drums is a crazy fucking mick that does indeed remind me of Charlie Benate. I recently saw Charlie with Anthrax in Atlanta, closed my eyes once-and Tom Clancy Jr. came to mind. He fucking rocks, and he has a warped sense of humor that I really fucking love for the most part. -Recently, TVGL has switched bass players. The bass playing on Repressed Hero Issues is jazzy and bluesy and gives TVGL its rock and roll roots….enough said. -Great tracks on this album to me are Channel 35, Calamity Jane, and No Fly Zone. -I give Repressed Hero Issues an eight out of a possible ten OH FUCK YEAH’s-which is excellent for an unsigned band. I honestly feel that the bands integrity and excellent musicianship will make The Vertical Gin Line will make them monsters of the underground and give them a huge cult following. As a result, Tom Clancy Jr. will probably start a church of some kind for drummers and instruct them all on the fine art of administering Kool-Aid to large groups of people…lol. -Seriously, check these guys out. They are something and they are going somewhere.


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