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The Woggles

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The Woggles is Buzz Hagstrom (bass, backing vocals), Dan Elektro (drums, percussion, backing vocals), The Professor (lead vocals, harmonica), and RIP guitarist George Montague Holton III, who was with the band 10 years and passed away in 2003 at 31. You can hear him play guitar throughout and sing lead on Go Go Thunderbird. The Flesh Hammer joined the band on guitar following Holton’s untimely death.

The Woggles had the opportunity of a lifetime last year, when they opened for David Johansen and The New York Dolls at the New Year’s Eve Ball in Manhattan.

Formed in 1987, the Georgia-based punk band combines surf, R&B, rockabilly, and blues to create their very own, unique rock sound. Personality exudes from this spirited group. They make a versatile addition to any music collection. The Woggles entertain while you’re exercising, driving, living room dancing, at the beach, at a party, and can block out your loud roommates/neighbors.

This is a band that should be on the road with Powerman 5000. If the Ramones were still alive, The Woggles would’ve been perfect touring with them.

The problem is that no one respects punk anymore unless it’s a major seller. The one time they do, it’s from The New York Dolls. If Little Steven gives accolades on his show to The Woggles, and The New York Dolls put them up for New Years, why isn’t Project 961 or anyone else in Atlanta giving them any airplay? As they say about New York, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” Maybe it’s time for The Woggles to record up there. It’s a great album they put out, but New York has world-reaching connections.

It’s The Woggles time to be who they are meant to become. Go out and get every CD they’ve ever made, and you’ll know what we’re talking about. The band is now on Chicken Ranch Records.

Their music could be played at any event, and they should be brought in at the Atlantis Music Conference. They would’ve been great at Beerfest here in Atlanta in June.

There are 15 tracks on this CD and we’re gonna list them for you. It’s an explosive CD, and you won’t be able to get enough of it. Can’t wait to see their future work.

They’re a cleaner version of the Sex Pistols. The Woggles have fun with what they’re making.

  1. People Come On (Holton, Jones)

  2. Collector of Broken Hearts (O’Connor)

  3. Johnny Come Lately  (Holton, Jones)

  4. When The Sun Goes Down (Vignault)

  5. Ragged But Right (Hall, Jones)

  6. Red Light, Green Light (Jones, O’Connor)

  7. Listen To Me (Hall)

  8. Got A Heat On (Holton, Jones, O’Connor)

  9. Seventh Veil (Jones, O’Connor)

  10. Already Warned You (Hall)

  11. Hot Wired (Jones, O’Connor)

  12. Walking My Dog (hall)

  13. Hounded (Hall)

  14. Night Crawls (O’Connor)

  15. Go Go Thunderbird (Holton)


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