The Five Fucking Deaths of Thundercore

Bret Simmons (vocals)
Rob Mason (guitars)
Dan Morley (guitars)
Stacy Copas (drums)
Chris Morley (bass)

Album: Five Deaths

The vocalist of Thundercore, Bret Simmons, is like a combination of Bobby Blitz
and Dave Mustane. The guitars of Mason and the Morley brothers remind me of
the guitars in Kiss and OVER KILL. I can hear shades of D.D. Verni, Jimmy Page,
Joe Perry, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Stacy Copas could hang with D.T. of Andrew
W.K. Thundercore’s music is a throwback to AC/DC, but heavier. It screams take,
give us a try. It is angry, heavy, and raw. It is fucking bitching. It is grindcore
like Napalm Death. It is metal like OVER KILL. This band keeps going. They do
not give up.

I would go to see them in concert. I think they deserve a major label. They
should open for OVER KILL. The East would be meeting the Midwest, and what a
very cool combination that would be. It would be a kick ass tour, and a rare


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