Todd Rundgren: Wizard, A True Star


Todd Rundgren was at the Roxy with his touring band, The Liars in support of his new album-Liars. The new CD is about THE TRUTH and how much BULLSHIT we accept on a daily basis from the government, the media, and every other fucking thing going. MusicIncider needed to cover that motherfucking show-so we did thanks to Todd’s management. Liars is about everything we at MusicIncider believe in. We believe in the truth. We believe in everything that speaks its truth, so imagine my surprise and overwhelming fucking awe that a massive force of nature like Todd Rundgren comes out with an incredible album about shattered dreams and liars AND he brings his show to Atlanta. I love him for it-and what a motherfucking show. The lighting was beautiful. The costumes were amazing. I want that coat that Todd wore at the beginning of the show-it looked like it came straight out of an opium den. There was so much attention to detail with the set and costume changes that it was almost like a full fledged theatre production in The Roxy. The lighting made the concert feel like it was a beautiful dream, but what else would you expect from Todd? Look at the variety of shit he has been involved with. In the seventies Todd’s big hits were Hello, It’s Me and Can We Still Be Friends? I love Bang On The Drum myself. -This guy started a band when he was sixteen and never stopped. Look at his fucking production credits-Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell, XTC, and The Psychedelic Furs. Hell, my cat is even named Ra (look up Utopia’s first album.) -It is highly unlikely that something in your music listening life has not been affected by Todd Rundgren in some way shape or form. Todd Rundgren has worked with everybody from Patti Smith to the Tubes. So what is there not to like? This cultural icon lands at the Roxy with this immensely beautiful show, multi-talented touring band, and album that I truly love.
-Todd’s voice that night, timeless. It might as well have been the early seventies with him singing Hello It’s Me with the Nazz. Some performers just get better and better, and Todd Rundgren IS one of those performers. The first part of the set covered the material off of Liars. Liars is a very fucking important album because of its content and the message it is trying to get across. It is a rock album-much unlike the Todd Rundgren of the eighties, but the album just cannot beat seeing Todd perform the new songs live. Todd looked like he was dressed like the devil himself. Better yet, the band included a priest and a Buddhist monk-he made a statement before he opened his mouth about the world that we live in and believing in all the shit that gets handed to us. Fucking cool tracks from this set included Truth, Sweet, and Future. -The second half of the set had more of a jazz/eighties feel with Todd beautifully dressed in an orange suit. The rest of the band looked amazing in THEIR suits too. More statements, when you see a suit on stage you know you are going to see something special. Todd Rundgren can croon like Frank Sinatra. Goddamn, it was special. -Soul, blues, eighties eletro pop punk, jazz…fucking Lunatic Fringe. People were making out in the balcony at The Roxy-their children were probably conceived to some of those songs. -If you ever get a chance again to see Rundgren live, go. It is a fucking amazing show. I can see why Todd Rundgren is A Wizard, A True Star.


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