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This song is for Sami Corkill who doesn’t like country (“doesn’t care for that twang,” much like the guy next to Trace), but loves Trace Adkins.  Trace can’t get out of town on the label’s jet. He flies not first class, but in the cow corral – or second class, if you will. He meets this nice young guy and tells him why he’s in the music business, why he loves what he does. The kid ain’t too crazy about country music, but Trace explains the music – his lifestyle, the way he grew up, why he loves country. Trace tells the kid he’d like the music if he saw it and gives him two tickets to his show. The kid goes to the show and falls in love with Trace Adkins. It’s a song about his life, and how his guitar is his heart and soul.


This is a masterpiece. It’s also a pun for Bush. How many more bodies have to come home, how many kids must meet their grandfathers’ in Arlington? Every time they hear the guns, they know another grandfather’s been buried in Arlington National Cemetery. The song is truthful, but what people don’t see is that even though Trace is sticking up for the soldiers who have passed and still fighting, he believes it is a useless war in which no one else should die. Bush should keep his promise to us, Trace says.

Find Me A Preacher

Find Me A Preacher is dedicated to his third wife, or about any man who has just fallen in love. First wife – divorce. Second wife shoots Trace in the chest. He survives, lucky Capricorn bastard. Here comes lady #3 – the wife who made him a star, pushing his career to the top and above the top, back to Mercury Records. His wife is pushing his career and his manager to the max. Supposedly, she is a DJ somewhere in Nashville. She heard Trace, fell in love, and that’s how the story ends. He found someone who brings him peace, joy, love, happiness, and she understands him.  

My Way Back

This is about when Trace first left home. His parents wanted more for him. His father told him to follow that dream, make it big, but never forget that the door is always open. So, whenever you’re ready, come home. You bet your ass Trace visits home twice a year to show how far his career has advanced and how far he has come. He has given them the life they never knew. And, all they asked was that he live his life. He has done far more than they ever asked of him.

I Wish It Was You

Another hit. This is a beautiful, touching song, again dedicated to his wife. He’s out on the road, doing meet and greets, meeting fans. Every pretty lady reminds him of his wife, saying she’ll be back. She doesn’t have the time to get back to him, but he still adores her, and sees her in every woman he meets on the road.

Bring It On

This is not about Trace. This is about the single woman whose date stands her up. And then comes along so-called Mr. Right who uses the biggest turn-on lines; tells her he understands her pain and will listen to her.

My Heaven

Trace has been near death. He knows what to expect when he gets to those pearly gates on the other side. But on this side, he knows there’s the lost, the hungry, the poor. And, the government ain’t doing anything for the homeless to the VA vets. He’s grateful for everything he has – swinging on the porch, being there with his wife and kids. He knows he’ll meet her at the pearly gates. God is not judgmental and will send everyone through those gates.

Baby I’m Home

This song could be about any Average Joe – from New York to California to the Eskimo living in the igloo. Doesn’t matter if he’s a contractor or a mergers and acquisitions attorney. His wife knows that every time he’s on a trip – whether the daily trip out of the house or a week – he knows how to welcome him home. She has everything waiting for him. And, that’s all he cares about. Mainly, he cares about seeing his wife, his kids. He knows he’ll have time with the people he loves the most, especially his wife.


He moves to the small city thinking it’s like Los Angeles, meets the girl of his dreams, marries her, moves into the home of their dreams, and gets a Boston Terrier named Sami. He realizes there’s not room for them in the small place. That’s why she’s upset (his wife, not the dog). He takes her back to the family farm, where he builds them a cottage. Sami chases sheep there. And, they live happily ever after – having children, watching them grow up, and watch their grand babies grow up. That’s all they wanted while he kept his career, she worked and was the momma. They built up a man called Trace Adkins.

I Learned How To Love From you

Here we go again. Trace has been married and out of all three, this whole album (except for Arlington) is dedicated to his third wife. Of course, everything he says to her is heartfelt, warming and charming. This is one of the songs that the soldiers should be sending home in letter form to their wives. Trace is trying to teach them how to love.

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk

You go into any bar. Trace is making a point. If any rapper can talk about ass, then why can’t he? He’s all about Honky Tonk Badonkadonk. His video is something you can’t miss. We all like the same piece of ass.


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