Twisted Method: Escape From Cape Coma


Twisted Method: Escape From Cape Coma


Label: MCA/Geffen

Barbara Fara
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Twisted Method is: Derek DeSantis, Bass. Ben Goins, Drums. Andrew Howard, Guitar.
Derrick ‘Tripp’ Tribbett, Vocals.

From: Cape Coral, Florida.

I hate to say cute about a metal band, but that is what these boys are. They remind
me of the first time I saw Good Charlotte. I thought Good Charlotte was fucking
cute when I first saw them and I still do. There is nothing wrong with being fucking
cute. It doesn’t mean you can’t play like you are on fire and scream
your guts out. -The critics are hating the ‘rap metal’ that Twisted
Method is giving us on Escape From Cape Coma. It has been criticized as being
too commercial and without any substance-but the fans are fucking loving them
and that is what really fucking matters isn’t it? There is a reason these
boys from Florida got a record deal. They can rock, and I am willing to bet they
put on a GREAT fucking show at OZZFEST. –I am BOTHERED by how harsh the
press has been treating them. I read about them being called JUVENILE, but guess
what? -They are. They are fucking kids. –I NEVER read about Britney fucking
Spears being called juvenile. I never read about anyone calling her a fucking
slut either. So, metal has some good looking kids that sing about life as they
know it. So fucking what! They do a great job on Cape Coma. Twisted Method’s
sound? Think Korn. Think Good Charlotte. Think Nine Inch Nails. Think Slayer.
Think Van Halen. Think Dry Kill Logic. If you like those bands, you will like
Twisted Method. –Derek ‘Tripp’ Tribbett has a pretty good set
of pipes on him. I am going to compare him to a young Ronnie James Dio. I believe
him when he sings about being fucking angry, and I believe him when he gets pretty
too. He has a voice that is on the rise, and I will bet he has learned a lot from
his summer on OZZFEST. –Andrew Howard on guitar is a baby Zakk Wylde. I
like him, and I am looking forward to seeing what he can do at OZZFEST. On Cape
Coma, he is going to make you think he was born with a guitar in his hands.

-Derek DeSantis plays a great fucking bass. He is able to make that bass sound
more like a rhythm guitar. I would compare his playing style to James Hetfield
of Metallica. –Ben Goins drum style is hardcore first class. Keep it up
Ben, one of these days Lars from Metallica is going to give you a call.

Track Listing:

1. The End: This song could have been the theme song for The Fight Club. It is
directly about taking someone on head fucking first. Why the fuck not? Listening
to this song makes me think these boys are really from New York. Sometimes, you
gotta kick some ass. –Clever to start the cd with The End isn’t it?

2. Fled: Blow off some shit in the pit when Fled flies out of Twisted Method.
It is a better thing to do than to grab a gun and blow somebody’s fucking
head off. –Purge that fucking anger by diving at that head full force. Feels
good doesn’t it?

3. Reach: Sometimes, you do not know what you are supposed to do with your life.
You don’t know who you are or what you want either. You have been kicked
in the teeth and have had your fucking head bashed in. Sometimes, you meet somebody
who has been just as fucked over and as fucked up as you-grab their fucking hand.
Hold on tight.

4. Change: If you can’t accept me for who and what I am, fuck you-at least
that is what I always say. This song calls that shit where somebody tries to change
you what it is-abuse. I can imagine growing up in that sleepy little town and
somebody trying to make me go to Florida State and get married to Grandma’s
friends nephew Fred. –That would cause me a lot of fucking pain.

5. Inside Out: I miss the days when I believed that Santa Claus was real, and
that people were good. –That feeling can make you fucking looney toons if
you remember it too long. -The world is a hard place, and sometimes you do what
you have to do. That doesn’t mean doing what you have to do isn’t
going to tear you fucking apart.

6. Mannequin: Everyone I know has been played by a phony fucker-whether it be
a man or a woman. They have fake smiles and lie their asses off to your fucking
face. They pretend to fucking UNDERSTAND your pain. What would you say to that
person if he or she was standing before you right fucking now? I think you should
play them THIS song.

7. Awkward Silence: Sometimes, you just don’t know what to fucking say to
somebody who has sliced your soul in half. Twisted Method takes care of that awkward
silence – that silence could be between you and your father, or you and your girlfriend,
it doesn’t fucking matter. They are making you fucking crazy and ready to
go out and do stupid shit. Next time you have that fucked up moment of quiet,
play this song with lots of volume.

8. Panic: This is the evil fucking Wicked Witch of a stepmother song. Sometimes,
it is easier to push a kid aside and send them to fucking summer camp rather than
to deal with whatever shit they happen to have going on. It scares the shit out
of that kid to take the gun to the park to deal with his fucking problem. He thinks
he is a man, does it, and scores a yellow sheet two miles long. –See what
you did you evil bitch?

9. Shine: Everybody that I know just wants to rise above the shit and shine like
a star. Are you totally committed to getting there? Will you do anything to rise
above and lead the pack?

10. Rot: Bang your head. Pump your fist. Twisted Method rolls out the metal for
this one. If you hate this one, just rot and die.

11. 125: This is hyper metal rock rap like Rage Against the Machine. Not a bad
song at all, it just lets you know that these boys have grown up listening to
hip hop. With Twisted Method, it works. In some bands, it just fucking sucks.

12. Newborn: To me, this is a song about being your own hero. Nobody is going
to ride to your rescue, so you have to do it for yourself don’t you? Twisted
Method does this with a gentle, hard hand.

13. Faceless: Stand up for yourself. Anything that tells you to stand up for yourself
is definitely about SOMETHING now isn’t it? I would call this song more
strong than angry. I love a good anthem just like the next person.
One of the things that I love about OZZFEST is the chance that it gives young
bands to play with the big boys. Twisted Method is growing up, and we are watching
it first hand. I love MCA for having the guts to take a bunch of metal kids and
give them a chance. These boys can sing. These boys can play. They have a balance
between the heavy shit and the softer shit that older bands have not yet figured
I am willing to bet they are really fucking exiting live at OZZFEST.

Before you think that they are only angry, you better just push play and listen
one more time. If you dismiss them, you must be the one that lacks fucking substance.
–Don’t make these boys have to write a song about you.

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