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Type O Negative – Dead Again

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Type O Negative is Peter Steele (lead singer, bass player); Johnny Kelly (drums, vocals); Ken Hickey (guitar); and Josh Silver on keys.

Type O Negative did the smartest thing in their career, which was to find a new label after 20 years. SPV gives them the respect and creativity that they deserve and need.

Type O Negative took a sabbatical while Peter Steele was dealing with personal issues. While on their hiatus, Johnny Kelly played for Glen Danzig in Atlanta.

Peter Steele has been through hell and back again. And now, he’s finally getting the respect that he deserves. This album makes him out to be an addict, when actually he could be talking about anybody – from the friend who died to the friend who has an addiction.

If you’re a Type O Negative fan, they’re back. It’s time to refresh your relationship with them. If you’ve been living under a rock, they’re known as one of the founding fathers of death metal. This is one album I would not put down. If you’re a true fan, you’ll back them 100%.

Don’t take this album to heart. Steele is talking about how life and drugs affect people. And, how people affect each other and how we should treat each other as equals.

Let’s take a look at the tracks.

Dead Again

This could be about Peter Steele and Type O Negative, who have been on the road 20+ years, witnessing the death of too many friends. It’s a song about an admittedly doomed drug addict who wants to teach others not to be like him. He must’ve OD’d 10 times. He can’t believe he’s awake again – which is really like being dead again. Eventually, though, you really die.

Tripping A Blind Man

There’s just so much one person can take. An eye-for-an-eye, a tooth-for-a-tooth, and here he is, the main character of this song, who is a simple blind man. He doesn’t want to face the world. He could be physically blind or believe he’s blind.

The one thing he lost was his best friend, his dog. And, in typical sense, the sanitation truck that ran him over was their old label, and they just swiped them up, cleaned them out of house, and threw them away until he realized that to get back up on his feet and save his own life and rebuild it from the beginning. That label was SPV.

The Profits Of Doom

I feel that when Steele wrote this song, he did a lot of studying of astrology, Egyptian gods, and the history of meteors coming through the USA. They all lead back to the Egyptian gods. When he says “I am doom,” I am going to make your life a living hell, and none of your prayers will save you.

September Sun

This is the continuation of The Profits Of Doom, where God tells Sodom and Gomorrah if you look back you’ll turn to stone. He (one of the two) told his wife not to look back, she did and turned to stone. He begs God, give her a second chance, and God says no. The lesson to be learned is that I am God, you obey me and I warned you. She did not listen, and paid the price. Do you want to join her? Let me know now. She has turned to stand, give me her hand.

Halloween In Heaven

This is a tribute to all the musicians who have passed away, getting ready to play in Heaven. Elvis and Morrison aren’t dead. The party does not continue on the other side, when you commit suicide. It’s your job to do what you want in your life, not put that on others.

These Three Things

You’re looking at the Book of Solomon. He takes you through the desert on the 40 days with the Jews. But yet, he looks at it as should we convert to Zion to make everybody happy, or should we stay whatever religion we are? And then we look at 1947, the year the alien ship crashed into area 51. The remnants of the ship were never found. Who knows who this whore is, but it’s not Mary Magdalene. Magdalene was believed to be the wife of Jesus. It was also believed that all the Apostles were married.

If they were all married, maybe we wouldn’t have so many pedophiles in the Catholic Church. The Jews is a combination of the Middle East and USA. Simon is the alpha and omega, who is going to bring the asteroid down and teach us a lesson we all should’ve learned long ago.

She Burned Me Down

Here we have another love song. The relationship starts out as a normal adult relationship. He realizes everything he has given her. But, the one thing she has given him is how to get high – bottle, needle, line and crack. In the end, she dumps him and the only way he can forget her is the lesson she taught him – and that is to get high. He prays to get her back for the monster she turned him into.

Some Stupid Tomorrow

I made my mistakes and I’m not going to make them again. Blood is thicker than water and it is harder to clean up. Therapy is slow and sometimes doesn’t work. Sucking on a junkie’s rotten tit isn’t the answer. So, here is my answer, if you keep one foot in yesterday and one foot in today, you’ll be pissing on today. If anything on this CD, you have admitted the truth of the pain that each one of you have gone through.

An Ode To Locksmith

He’s talking about Adam and Eve and how Satan made her eat the fruit forbidden from the tree, even though she was raped and had been convinced to eat the fruit by Adam. Satan won, because he was the one who left the apple there. We know the sexes, and why we hate men and why we hate women.

Hail And Farewell To Britain

The song is simple and quick and straight to the point. The band makes their stand: they’re sick of being shit upon. They know who Britain is, and they’re not talking about the country. The band knows the score. They’re like Knights of the Round Table. Peter’s reputation is about to be tarnished, or else he will take care of Britain in his own way, or you’ll regret it. We’re not talking about Britain or Tony Blair.


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