UNEARTH: Trevor Phipps – Vocals, Ken Susi – Guitars, Buzz McGrath – Guitars
John Maggard – Bass, Mike Justian – Drums

There is that moment with EVERY band where you just know you should remember when you first saw them. With those bands that are going to be great, something just clicks in the back of your motherfucking spine and you breathe, deeply. That is what happened to me when Trevor Phipps opened his mouth. This kid looks like the eighteen year old version of Jim Morrison complete with those fucked up side burns. He has an absolutely fucking rocking presence on stage. Metal Blade, his management, and his PR might have got him on the MTV 2 Headbangers Ball Tour-but he knew what to do with it when he got there. His vocals are more than the death growl. His vocals are RAW, HUNGRY, and EMOTIONAL-just like the music of UNEARTH. But why in THE FUCK would anybody be so retarded as to label UNEARTH ‘scremo’ like Killswitch Engage? It is a stroke of brilliant fucking genius to avoid that bullshit label. All music conveys emotion-show me something that doesn’t. -I would throw Trevor Phipps up against Corey Taylor to see who wins any fucking day of the week, and I am not talking about fucking SLIPKNOT. I am talking Stone Sour here, you know the band Corey is incredible with-not the Halloween version for Freddy vs. Jason. -Then there is Ken Susi. Ken is a guitarist AND an album producer. Ken is more. Just more. Go ahead, play guitar and do vocals. I dare you. Other than Ken’s obviously fucking talent, he looks like he is having fun. That sells me on a band. You could be the most talented fucker going, but if you look like you took a ton of Xanax before the show-fuck you. You aren’t going to sell tickets. Crowds respond to bands that get into it onstage. They want to but the merchandise and TAKE IT HOME. If you look like Ken, you remind me of Randy Rhoads and I take great pictures and think you are fucking incredible. -Then there is Buzz McGrath. Buzz beats the shit out of Matt Bachand from Shadows Fall, and I loved him. Heavy music NEEDS heavy guitar. Think James Hetfield while he was still drinking. What I love about UNEARTH is that any three of the guitar players could be a great frontman. Take a look at that fucking bass player-John Maggard. I love bass players with stage presence and the ability to bring that funky bass line into metal. John reminds me of Glenn Hughes without the pretty clothes. -Then there is Mike Justian on drums. Imagine being responsible for holding it all together. Go on. Your rhythm is responsible for holding HUGE FORCES of NATURE together. Hmm, you sort of become God. This Mike reminds me of Mike Terrana from RAGE. Powerful and talented.

-I have to remind you. In my last editor’s letter I predicted UNEARTH to be the breakout band of OZZFEST 2004, and I was right. Beyond right, and to soothe all of your little broken hearts about OZZFEST they come again to The Masquerade in Atlanta in support of THE ONCOMING STORM. YES YES YES. You want to see UNEARTH EVERY time they come to your town. Hey, and pick up that fucking kickass cd while you are at it-it is going to be a collectible.


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