UNEARTH: The Oncoming Storm


UNEARTH: Trevor Phipps-Vocals. Buz McGrath-Guitar. Ken Susi-Guitar. John Maggard-Bass. Mike Justian-Drums.

Personally, I like Unearth a lot fucking more than Atreyu. Atreyu should make the drummer the frontman and be more like Cowboy Mouth. You might ask yourself why do I like Unearth so fucking much. So let me tell you, no I am not having Trevor Phipps love child. He is not my ‘baby’s daddy.’ -I like fucking Unearth because they are honest. The sound is honest. The lyrics are honest. I like fucking Unearth because they are METAL (Imagine me spinning aroung in a little fucking circle as I say this and clicking my fucking Harley’s together.) Metal, not screamo or alternative. Metal is not a dirty fucking word and it is a way of life. If you need more motherfucking reference about this issue let me refer you to the last fucking Overkill DVD. The evilest man alive, D.D. Verni, will grab you by the throat and explain metal music to you. I am sick of all the fucking bastardized ‘sub-genres’ and lousy marketing gimmicks designed to create subcultures and polarize the metal world. -You are either metal or your not, and if you were the breakout band of motherfucking OZZFEST 2004-you are metal. Unearth is metal. They struggled in the underground scene and paid their fucking dues, like every metal band. They never compromised their sound, like every metal band. They got to live out a dream by playing OZZFEST, like every little metal band hopes to do. They are on the most honest metal label ever, Metal Blade Records. They have an honest metal singer with a fucking HUGE melodic growl-Trevor Phipps. Trevor doesn’t look like everybody else. Trevor doesn’t sound like everybody else. He has a great stage presence, and fucking instinct about delivery on every song. People in the METAL community can relate to him as being one of us even though the pork chop side burns sort of make him look like a hippie. They have an honest and fucking raw guitar section that is maturing on The Oncoming Storm. Ken Susi and Buz McGrath are exhibiting even more power and poise with each new song. The rhythm section of Mike Justian on drums and John Maggard on bass is fucking tight. They pump out the fucking thunder. -The lyrics are poetic and they have a real sense of art about them. Look at the song Aries, “ Cowardly Warrior vents his rage/his lust for blood cannot be appeased/what fickle angels are we/our divided brothers we slay/his lust will erase all.” -That could be a line from a fucking William Blake poem. The lyrics are artistic, smart, rebellious, and fucking defiant. The lyrics are pretty goddamn metal to me. -The cover art on the CD looks like nuclear fucking winter and it makes no attempt to shortchange the CD content by looking stupid or like a motherfucking comic book. -I am going to make another fucking prediction about Unearth, after all I am a motherfucking psychic. It is going to be the overall intelligence and honesty of the band that will push them into a motherfucking superstar status like Slipknot, and they won’t have to wear the motherfucking masks to do it. Give them three years, and they will be first stage OZZFEST. When that happens, they better remember me and give me access to shoot them WITH MY CAMERA from the stage. Let’s look at the tracks.

The Great Dividers-What is freedom? Do you ever ask yourself that? Every day we are losing more freedom in this country because another fucking politician convinces the masses that we should. Look at the fucking Patriot Act-they can search and seize YOU at any time for any reason. -Half of us think it is a good idea, and the rest of us hide our marijuana.

Failure-This song is about the death of innocence. Fuck yes, we should feel guilty about there being nothing childlike and innocent left in this world. Six year olds take guns to chool and shoot people. Outcasts take guns to school and kill people in Colorado. We should grieve about the loss of innocence. Fuck, a kid isn’t allowed to be a kid anymore.

This Lying World-Oh you have to be afraid kids, very fucking afraid all of the time. Wear a condom or you will get AIDS. Carry a gun, so you can get them before they get you. Everybody is out to motherfucking destroy you. The environment is decaying. The rainforests are dying. People are going motherfucking crazy. -Unearth has a refuge from the world and it is onstage.

Black Hearts Now Reign-This song is also the bonus video on the CD. This is probably the most spiritual song on the fucking cd, and it is a vision of apocolyse and motherfucking doom. Name another fucking song where the band apologizes to Jesus for what is about to happen to the world.

Zombie Autopilot-You are on ZOMBIE AUTOPILOT. You do as they tell you. You drive the speedlimit without thinking. You pay your taxes. You go to school. You go to work. You do as you are told, because it is so fucking easy when somebody else does all of the thinking. You probably even voted for George Bush without thinking.

Bloodlust Of The Human Condition-Have you ever slowed down to look at a really fucked up accident? Do you ask yourself where the bodies of the soldiers are coming off of the plane from the Iraq war? Do you watch really grisly horror movies? -This song confronts the dark side we all have.

Lie To Purify-This song could be about so fucking much now couldn’t it? It could be about Osama Bin Laden. It could be about George W. Bush-I know some people that would like to wish these two guys cancer. -It could be about depression or a mass murderer. This song does not name names-look at the title. It is about every war mongering, death seeking bastard.

Endless-This is the ultimated grief song about the condition of the world and the condition of the heroes life. Nobody likes to feel like they are wasting the whole fucking shooting match on bullshit so they fight. But the fight is empty. You can’t win-but you keep fighting and that is really fucking nuts and without end.

Aries-Aries is the GOD OF WAR. People die in WAR and DEATH are the great equalizers. Everybody and everything you know will eventually die.

Predetermined Sky-This song is more of a social commentary than anything. Everyday is a Holocaust happening again. People die in agony all over the world. -Right now, children are starving. Right now, someone is deciding to end his life. Right now, somebody is being tortured. Right now, somebody is being raped. Right now, somebody is losing their house. Right now, somebody is going to jail. Right now, somebody is dying.

False Idols-Look at how we worship false idols-like Britney Spears! You know she probably fucking lip syncs, but we just don’t care. We have nothing to believe in, so we believe in what we know to be false. We die for the falsehood. We die, because it is better to believe in a lie than to belive in nothing at all.

I think you should fucking RUN out and BUY THE ONCOMING STORM. It is smart, prophetic, poetic and METAL. UNEARTH is maturing in leaps and motherfucking bounds. This CD does not patronize the listener at fucking all. It is a goddamn important and influential cd, and in three years when this band is mainstage at OZZFEST, you will be looking for a copy.


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