Vader: Blood/Reign Forever World


Vader: Peter-Lead Vocals, Guitar. Doc-Drums. Mauser-Guitars. Novy-Bass.

Vader is one of my favorite bands for a lot of reasons. -Vader formed in 1986, meaning they have been around for a long fucking time. I respect the hell out of anybody who has made a living out of being a musician for twenty years. Vader signed a deal with Earache when Poland was still under communist control. I do not imagine it was fucking easy to become an extreme death metal band in a communist country-let alone sign a record deal with a US label. Weren’t we the Anti-Christ to the communists? -Vader tours non-stop. Eventually, they will come to you. -A lot of bands have become spin off’s of Vader’s style and formula-four piece death metal growlers with a lead singer who plays guitar with lyrics that include a lot of blood. So, I am a Vader fan because they are original and ballsy. –Vader has almost a cult following in Europe-they opened for Metallica. I have always wanted to be a fucking cult leader. –Vader is one of the best bands you have never heard about. You can hear their influence in younger bands like UNEARTH, Shadows Fall, and All That Remains. –Because Vader was behind the Iron Curtain when they formed, the fucking sound evolved pretty naturally. When they formed, they weren’t trying to create a marketing formula. They were playing music they way that they wanted to hear it. So that means they are honest, and I fucking love honest bands. –Peter has raw, honest vocals and he is a fucking talented, underrated guitar player. Even though he deserves it-you probably won’t see him on the cover of Guitar Player anytime soon with Mauser. The guitar riffs are HUGE and brilliant and powerful on this double CD. –Novy has a straight edge industrial style bass thing happening that gives the music this low-tuned, urgent feel to it. –Doc brings the fucking thunder on drums-what else could you ask for? -This CD isn’t the most important piece of work that VADER has put out-that would probably be Morbid Reich, the best selling death metal demo ever, but it is important. It has all of the original elements of death metal that you could ask for. It is by one of the uncles of the death metal genre. It has great musicians, bloody lyrics, heart thumping fucking action to it, AND it has sixteen tracks making it worth the price. It is full of the deep, dark shit that I fucking love like Us The Fallen Rise, Creatures of Light and Darkness, Frozen Paths, Carnal, and Son of Fire. So, I give it an eight out of a possible ten OH FUCK YEAH’s! Go get it.



We Wait
Us The Fallen Rise
Son of Fire
When Darkness Calls

Reign Forever World:

Reign Forever World
Frozen Paths
Privilege Of The Gods
Total Disaster
Rapid Fire
Freezing Moon
Creatures of Light and Darkness-Live
Red Dunes
Lord of The Desert

Press Release on THE BEAST (NEW RELEASE) by VADER (Courtesy of Metal Blade Records):

There are very few bands that have managed to weave a web of mystery around them. Very few have survived and keep going strong until today. When faced with the question, ‘which’ people tend to mention American death-mongers like MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE or CANNIBAL CORPSE …however, for a few years now many have named VADER – perhaps the only band from Europe, which has sustained its status for a long number of years. Theirs is the cult of musical brutality and the urge to succeed. Few may remember that VADER were the first band ever from behind “the Iron Curtain” to sign to a Western label while their 1990 demo “Morbid Reich” is still considered to be the best selling demo tape in the history of death metal.

The year 2004 is the time for the band’s new studio album “The Beast” and an extensive promotional campaign including over 170 gigs! The recording sessions of VADER’s new album had to be interrupted and postponed to May/June due to an unfortunate accident suffered by Doc (drums) and a very talented drummer called Daray (VESANIA) replaced him. VADER’s new live season kicked off with a small tour through the Czech Republic / Slovakia and Eastern countries like Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, The Ukraine and Belarus, 25 gigs in total. From the 1st of April VADER continued their European crusades, invading countries like Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, England, France, Italy, and Austria to name a few, simultaneously proceeding with the recording sessions to “The Beast”. A very important part of that tour was the band’s first trip to the Balkans (Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia and Croatia) and a Scandinavian tour consisting of 14 gigs. For the second half of 2004 VADER is going to play another tour through Poland named “Blitzkrieg 2” (17-gigs), a US tour along with CANNIBAL CORPSE and NAPALM DEATH (October/November) and participate in the December X-Mass Festivals. Nevertheless, the most important gig VADER played in 2004 was probably at Silesian Stadium, Katowice, where the band opened for METALLICA in front of 50,000 people.

The sessions for “The Beast” were finished in mid-July. The album hits the market on the 20th of September and contains 10 new cuts. They were recorded at RG Studio, Gdansk (Poland) with Piotr Lukaszewski behind the board, the producer well known from the band’s previous releases. Famous Polish artist Jacek Wisniewski took care of the album artwork and layout once again. The European limited edition of the album also contains a bonus DVD featuring a 30 minute studio report, 2 video clips recorded during the sessions, and 3 video cuts recorded at Metal Mania Festival 2003. Beware of “The Beast”!
Bands Vader has played with include: Cannibal Corpse, Vital Remains, The Crown, Deicide, Dying Fetus, Krisiun, Behemoth, Slayer, Nile, Kreator, Amon Amarth, Metallica, Napalm Death, Goatwhore, Grave, Suffocation, Dismember, Malevolent Creation, Six Feet Under, Cryptopsy, Immortal, and Marduk.


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