Vehemence At The Masquerade


Vehemence: Bjorn Dannov-Guitars. John Chavez-Guitars. Andy Schroeder-Drums. Mark Kozuback-Bass. Nathan Gearhart-Vocals.

Vehemence is a fun band to watch on stage. Nathan Gearhart has this running onstage shit in between songs that will remind you of a comedian. He rocks on fucking stage. I love the boy, what can I say-that is the thing that makes Vehemence just a little different than everything else. Gearhart brings a little fun to the songs, but it doesn’t make him or the band any less powerful. Gearhart is a monster, a big powerful metal monster with a huge fucking voice. -John Chavez is a tiny little fucker with a great big guitar. He cuts loose with these guitar solos onstage that are absolutely incredible. Technically perfect of course-but that isn’t the point. He has a lot of power and you have to love it. -Bjorn Dannov isn’t any fucking slouch onstage either with his great big guitar. He trades on and off the lead with Chavez onstage that makes it fucking great. -Andy Schroeder on drums is excellent live. He has a lot of personality and stage presence for a drummer. -I really loved SPIRIT OF THE SOLDIER live and how Gearhart let the world know that it wasn’t his war. After that moment, the rest of the concert was more than fucking golden. This is a great band to catch live. -I know that they are stuck in a heard of forty or so similar bands, but the thing that makes these guys stand out is the level of maturity in the lyrics and the subject matter that they cover-and that reminds me of the one and only Six Feet Under. This is a great band-go fucking see them.


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